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  1. Thanks Marten, but as I wanted to add FMT docking guidance to many of the gates and therefore needed to use the authoring tool I have now replaced all that airport's jetways with SAM library objects and set them all up in the authoring tool. It takes longer, but at least it works consistently!
  2. Yes, I deleted the Autogate jetways and placed new default jetway facades from the laminar library (using the 'tunnel parked' wall segment before the cabin). I'm finding some will work (blue icon) and others will show as 'out of range' (grey icon) if I move my aircraft from one 'start location' to another. In all cases the jetways are a similar distance and angle from the 'start location' where the aircraft is parked...but only about 20% of them work (even if I slide the aircraft around manually I can't find a spot where the icons turn blue). Must be to do with angles, but I don't know enoug
  3. I have a question about World Jetways (I run a licensed copy): I've just replaced a load of 'autogate' jetways at an airport with the new XPlane jetway facades (using the 'tunnel parked' sections from the terminal toolkit) using WED. The resulting jetways are right next to the aircraft parking 'ramp start' locations but I only ever get the grey jetway icon and not the blue icon. I know this means 'out of range', but what are the rule about this range? The jetway cabins look exactly the same distance away as they do on other airports which work OK. I've even tried manually sliding the aircraf
  4. Hello. I'm still relatively new user and I've just been updating a default airport in WED by replacing old-style jetway objects with the newer facades. I have a registered copy of World Jetways but I'm finding that my newly added jetways are often showing as 'out of range' (ie. Grey icon) even when they are realistically placed (according to charts/satellite imagery. This is particularly the case where one jetway serves two alternative parking spots (e.g. one for Cat C aircraft and another at an offset angle for Cat D/E). Is there any information about how the range works, or anyth
  5. Hello Marten, this was our old friend the Safedock-T2-24 that I've added to most of the gates on C and D piers at EHAM...the scenery pack I attached on the bug thread last week. I'm not claiming a bug, here...I just can't find anything that tells me how it should work, so I don't know if what I'm seeing is the correct behaviour. To clarify, when the animation does kick in for the first time it is accurate, but it only comes alive very late in the pre-flight and it does not update itself unless I re-open the AOS plugin dialogue window John
  6. Hello. Quick question from a new user...how should the VDGS animation work while you are on blocks preflight? Here's what I observe: When parked at the gate, with jetway attached, chocks on and ground power on, my VDGS is blank I can import my flight details from SimBrief or VATSIM and the AOS dialogue window shows EOBT and OPT, but the VDGS is still blank The VDGS comes alive and shows EOBT at some point around when I call for pushback... I haven't figure out what triggers it? The VDGS does not update, unless I open up the AOS window again. It does not countdown EOBT
  7. Hello. I'm still new to SAM but I think I have encountered another error in detection. I flew to Porto LPPR, using the approved Gateway scenery distributed with XP11.50. I've checked on the Gateway and the scenery was made in 2019 and uses the modern terminal facades for buildings and jetways so it should work with SAM world jetways (I have a registered copy). However, no jetways were indicated when I arrived at the parking apron... they were there in the scenery but the SAM jetway indicator did not appear. After I logged off, I experimented by manually dragging the aircraft closer to the j
  8. Just for completeness, my Safegate at EHAM D52 worked as advertised after the v2.1.9 update on arrival in the mist yesterday evening.
  9. I see v2.1.9 is out, with some tweaks to the possible detection issues. Looking forward to trying it out later. Thanks
  10. Thanks @Papickx... Good to know I'm not dreaming it. It is going to be hard to find the sweet spot as pairs of neighbouring gates will be different distances apart. My suggestion would be to narrow the detection 'cones'. Start with +-15 degrees and keep expanding till it becomes unreliable.
  11. Thank you. It is the default EHAM scenery downloaded from the gateway into WED, where I have added the Safegates on Piers C and D (where my VA fly from) and some marshallers on the stands on Pier C that don't have Safegate docking. As a side-issue, I flew out from Gate C8 this evening and the info from my FP (EOBT etc) only appeared once I started pushback despite being accurate in the SAM dialogue box throughout my preflight setup. +52+004.dsf apt.cache apt.dat earth.wed.bak.xml earth.wed.xml sam.xml validation_report.txt
  12. Just a thought on this... Is aircraft heading part of the equation? In my example, when I was coming abeam D52 and about to turn on I must have been closer to D52 than D48, even though their +-45 cones will overlap. But as I turned right onto the stand D48 passed through my 12 o'clock while D52 would have been between 1-2 o'clock. In other words, I was heading 'towards' D48, and within its detection cone, before I was heading 'towards' D52, even though I was closer in a straight line to D52.
  13. OK. Probably just needs tweaking to find the best balance then. I don't think EHAM will be much different from most other large airports. The guidance units seem to be mostly 40-50m from the parking spots and aircraft will approach them on a perpendicular taxi line then turn in, potentially sweeping through neighbouring 'cones'? In my EHAM case the impression I got was that once D48 was active it stayed active even once I was clearly better aligned with D52. It's a maths problem... Which I'm no good at! Would be great if you can take a look at whether it's a more common issue and whether it ca
  14. Hi Marten. I first noticed this approaching D52 via A9. As I pulled abeam D52 and started to turn in, D48 came alive and D52 stayed dark until I'd overshot the line. I'd noticed the thing with marshallers popping up late so I like the extended draw distance in principal...we just need to maybe use the bearing from the parking spot as part of the equation? John
  15. I have base plugin v2.1.8 and world jetways 1.0.4 Under v2.1.7 I added Safegate docking guidance (and some marshallers where necessary) to gates at the default gateway EHAM scenery. The dockings were all added successfully in the authoring tool. Since 2.1.8 I'm noticing a different behaviour: I approach the gates at 90 degrees to the direction I'm going to park in, but as I swing the nose round towards my gate it seems to trigger a neighbouring gate (as I temporarily point towards it) and this neighbouring gate continues to stay animated whereas my target gate stays blank until finally t
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