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  1. A good set of free sceneries is the TUNISIAN airports for Holiday operations (1 to 3.5 hours flights between Europe and Tunisia) DTTA - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48904-dtta-tunis-carthage-airporttunisia/ DTMB - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47227-dtmb-monastir-habib-bourguiba-international-airport/ DTNH - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47260-dtnh-enfidha-hammamet/ DTTJ - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/42749-djerba–zarzis-international-airport/
  2. Hello everyone, I started this endless journey of flight simulation almost 12 years ago, first with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and later with the Steam version, couple of years later and after upgrading the horse power of my equipement, I switched to P3D V3 (32bits) which caused me the biggest brain damage because of the endless hours of tweaking and changing settings and researching in every single forum for solutions. (I bet every P3D user knows what I am talking about) and this show continued with P3D V4. Although V4 was more stable, if felt so crappy in performance, stuttery. After a while i realised how much time and money i was wasting with this simulator and felt that i ended up flying less either bcs of tweaking or changing setting or bcs of random crashes, and honestly I felt that it's a bit unfair that we are spending 1000s of pounds dollars euros for our equipments which in some cases can be stronger than a NASA computer but not enough for P3D, which is not acceptable in 2019 to offer this type of poor programming and software engineering, for me it felt like a scam. I am not here to talk about crap about P3D, it would be unfair to do so, as this platform tought me everything I know today about flight simulation and developpers like PMDG, FSLABS, QW, etc gave us high quality products and learned so much from this products. To end my run about P3D; I always say : P3D is a bad school with good teachers. Now Xplane. So I owned XPlane 10 and I won't lie, probably I didn't spend more than 1 hour, and once XP11 was released i also purchased it and I tried it a bit and I was like hmmmm that's beautiful but there is no actual good airplanes for it, and it felt so different from all the others sims (Field of view option, city lights and airport lights without any addons, Rwy slopes) and I was like Holy Molly that's an amazing sim why it is so underrated. The truth is, it was underrated only in my brain and my fellow P3D friends. But finally I switched 100% to XP 11 1 year ago and got hooked forever. The sim is so smooth even at low FPS, the Design, the UI, etc. LAMINAR did a good job, they created a hell of a platform a very sexy simulator. The community did helped a lot, all the free things I downloaded whcih felt payware quality, I never expected things to be this way arround XPlane. To anyone who ends up reading this post and is still lost in the dark cells of other simulators follow this path of happines: - Get XP 11 - Get an account at thresholdx (Free) - Get an account at xplane.org (Free) - Get yourself any nice airports ( plenty of them are free) - Get the zibo 737-800x (The best 737 you will home fly, also Free) - Download Better pushback ( Free) - Have 1 flight , (That's it you are hooked forever with xplane)
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