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  1. Using a pdf is not possible 1) Download & install the dds plugin for Photoshop: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop 2) Create / edit checklist dds picture with a painting program (example Photoshop) 3) exchange the dds picture at: X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\B737-800X\objects HF: Example here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51347-normals-checklist-zibo-738x-v334-or-later/
  2. Good afternoon Team: Bugreport with rc2.11 & advanced tire blown efb setting: Tires will blown after 100m braking with nearly empty aircraft at any airport after ultra butter landings (tried 20 times at different airports) The rear gear of the aircraft will sunk a little bit into the runway during roll. Repair aircraft won´t help. Only fix is to set advanced tire blown to off, then landings are possible - with Customs & Stock airports (tried EDDB, EDDT, EDDF) Narrowed down the problem to: - starting flight with running engines & and move the plane via xplane map moving feature (first altitude, then position) to approach fix. => Starting from C&D with departure, flight & approach will result in normal landings without blowing tyres. Maybe moving the plane in the map will break the landing gear?
  3. Many thanks for the disabling feature in the EFB with rc2+ Aweseome update
  4. Good afternoon Zibo & Team due to the latest changements "- new code for control AP (speed, altitude, heading, courses) and pressurization panel (flight altitude, landing altitude) - values are changed by speed of turn": With my and friends external hardware the knoob sensivity is now to strange and we overshoot way too far only by small knoob turnings at my external mcp (with mouse usage the problem is not so distinct, but existent also) Another big problem. Even if i adjust slowly some degrees, the values are jumping ~±90 degrees, 4000ft or 50 knots. That is not practicable especially during an approach. I made 2 vids to show booth problem (see below) Feature request: Please add a new efb setting to adjust each knoob sensivity (CRS1, CRS2, HDG, SPD, ALT, VS) with values by ourself
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