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2019/08/06 11:09UTC 0.8.7 Beta 1 plugin released

2019/07/26 15:00UTC 0.8.7 Roadmap updated

2019/07/26 00:19UTC 0.8.7 Android companion app roll out started


AutoATC is the result of a (personal) need to practice ATC communications in a more "realistic" way - namely, using the Xplane radios, talking using the joystick trigger and listening for responses. It is basically a chatbot for ATC. 

The purpose of this plugin is to make your X-Plane radio function identically to a real life radio (free speech communication with highly realistic radio traffic).

The plugin requires a working java installation and an internet connection to listen to ATC and AI traffic communications. 

Communicating with an AutoATC controller requires binding a button (e.g. the joystick trigger) to "AutoATC/Transmit" and a phone app (android only, iPhone support is unlikely any time soon) which you can get from google play.



This application can be used with and without the simulator, and includes a ground school and exercises (work in progress), does the actual voice recognition (for platform independence) and also runs the flight model of the AI aircraft for optimum performance.

Alternatively, if you just want to add the voice recognition, there is also a free version of the companion application available.



A couple of (early) development videos are available of it in use (More, better quality videos will come at a later date) :




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