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About This Club

This club is a kind of virtual Airline. But our STAR ALLIANCE VIRTUAL Pilots will share today flight, and share useful things(plugin, aircraft, scenery, livery etc...)! Be star alliance virtual pilot to fly xplane more fun!
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  2. iniSimulations A300-600R(F) v2 - Passenger TAI Models RCTP SAM WorldJetways
  3. Welcome to Star Alliance Virtual Before you read this manual you need to read rules before. (If you didn't read it still click here!) I am fully recommend you to read this manual before start activity in this club. This manual is teach you to how to use this club better. Contact Pilot LISA in PM or use club support page in this club if you have any questions. (CLUB SUPPORT) CLUB SUPPORT AND PM QUESTION FORM. We need information to help you. Do not write 'how can I do~~' or 'why I can't do this~~'. Please write details as you can! LIVERY Star Alliance Livery is not for other livery. Please upload only Star Alliance Special Livery. Other livery should be in here. Click this! Livery REQUEST can help you to get your own livery. Make new topic in the page and named like this. (aircraft name) + (Airline) Please follow this to get correct livery. In the your request please write this. 1.Aircraft name. (not Boeing 737. Write Zibo 737-800) 2.Airline name. (Please write this even your plane is virtual.) 3.MOST IMPORTANT. Airplane Image. (Please give good quality image.) 4.(Option) Reg. 5.Version(Xp11, Xp12....) 6.Special Request. (Ex.custom cabin texture.....) Please do not pinch to painters.... They are not working 24/7. And also click 'Follow to this topic' to get notification. Please click that to get livery. Use Today flight to share your today flight to other members. Especialy for this, there is rule on that page. 1. 1~3 shots per one post. 2. One post per day! 3. It is option, add descriptions. The post can be edited by moderators if these rules aren't followed... Share your useful information or items! Please share to other members if you know something is useful! Plugin, useful tools, livery, scenery, plane etc..... Pilot Announcement. Our staff will announce news, rule, club update in here. Just for notice. So please do not post or reply to topic without our staff's approvement! If you have question of notice, do not reply to notice and make topic on CLUB SUPPORT or send PM to me(Pilot LISA). Thank you.
  4. Hello! Thank you for click 'join'! Please acknowledge and follow this rules to make this club better! I think if you follow this most conflict will solved... (All important rules from Threshold forum rules also included!) Always respect to others! Everyone is equal and precious! So please respect to everyone! 1. Don't upload the topic that uploaded before. (It will make other pilots to be angry! If you really want to make that topic, just reply to the topic that uploaded before.) 2. Please follow the page rules. (In each page there is rules. Please follow this and page rules.) 3. You can use English and Korean. 4. We are welcome to hear ideas! Please use PM(Pilot LISA) to contact me! If you have any questions about this club, feel free to contact me in PM! Thanks!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Example. When flip Aero_K, you can see K_oreA! It is KOREA!!! The Aero_K want to be a best LCC airlines in the Korea! This livery file include this... 1. Aero_K paint. 2. Custom Cabin 3. FUN!!! Can I request my livery? -> Yes, you can. Contact me on PM. Hey Pilot LISA, There is problem in this livery.-> Please tell me Thanks. Enjoy your flight!
  6. Hi there. Does anybody can made livery for me? Aircraft. Jar Design A320 Airlines. Asiana Airlines Reg. HL7762 If you can could you add custom cabin? Version XP11.
  7. Guidelines 'What was your today flight?' 1. 1~3 shots per one post. 2. One post per day! 3. It is option, add descriptions. Thanks

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