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HungaryVFR X-Plane

Public page for our Public Beta 2

We had some negotiation with the Hungarian government Geodesy and Geoinformatics department and we have the rights to use their orthophotos. 

So with Public Beta 2 a freeware orthophoto scenery will be available also!
The ortho scenery will almost cover our country (93 030 km²), ortho tiles were taken from an airplane, so the ortho scenery will be cloudless (all free ortho providers has lot of clouds over the country), tile colors are corrected to X-Plane's colors, resolution is between zl16 and 17.

Whats new in beta 2:

  • High quality orthophoto scenery
  • Updated airports
    • LHTL - airport updates
    • LHBP - airport updates
    • LHBS - airport updates
    • LHBB - heliport updates
    • LHGD - airport updates
  • New airports
    • LHUD airfield with City of Szeged scenery
    • LHJK airfield and the village of Jakabszállás
  • Updated Budapest City scenery (lot of new custom objects, optimization of the existing objects)
  • Updated overlay scenery (autogen)
  • Updated library with new objects, polygons, etc
  • Traffic sceneries are not needed anymore, we have our own GroundTraffic (thanks to Folko), now it is covering the area of Budapest and its surroundings, traffic files now part of Budapest City scenery

Feel free to ask, share your screenshots, talk about the current stage of development

Public Beta 2 download

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