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  1. Thing is if I let the Snow slider on max I get snow in june everywhere on the planet. But even if I change the slider to minimum, all my ground textures are more "grey" and darker. I thought Xenviro was changing the atmosphere, not the actual ground textures (orthos), they are ugly now! I know you are aware about the snow but the main problem now is when snow slider is on minimum. 1st pic is with Xenviro off 2nd is with Xenviro on snow accumulation slider on minimum 3rd is with Xenviro on snow accumulation slider on maximum (in june) I know you have a lot to do now but if this could be fixed in next update it would be great Thanks
  2. I can confirm a 10fps hit, not more. I fly now between 20 and 30fps and my specs are quite low (GTX960, Intel I5 3.2ghz)
  3. Am I blind? here is my settings menu... no screen resolution here
  4. How do you switch between 2k and 4k, I don t find any option in xenviro menu. Thanks
  5. Captain Kitten, could you please answer the question about Vulkan compatibility? Thank you very much
  6. Sorry for asking this if it has been answered already, but how can you be 100% sure this will be compatible with Vulkan/Metal (planned for this year)? Or how could you know Vulkan will not contain aspects that will break 1.10? They said in their last public conference that aircrafts and sceneries wont be affected but all the "weather related stuff" won't be compatible anymore... I ask you this because I'm not a rich man but I really want to invest in your product, so I want to be sure I wont throw away my money. Thank you for your understanding
  7. Ps: It seems blur is your magic potion here, is it possible for you to remove blur effect just around the aircraft to see detailed clouds when surfing for example and apply blur in the distance?
  8. I think nobody can argue with honesty, yes, the community is impatient but a statement like this and everyone is happy . I am thankful you want to release a perfectly polished product but as you said, work will continue after release anyway. Let's face it, if you release with some bugs and explanations about the work still in progress, I dont think it could be a problem for you (if people are aware before purchasing) and the strong supporters we are will be pleased anyway. It's better to wait with an unpolished product than with nothing On the other hand, trolls will be criticizing even with a perfect product... Keep up!
  9. noooch


    What's the difference between the Zibo and this? I believe the teams are the same so I don't really understand the purpose of having twice the "same" aircraft made by more or less the same team...
  10. Oh, so it was just atmospheric conditions, do you plan another stream soon?
  11. B61 is the real thing! Did you shortened the view distance for performance balance? not that I don't like it but I noted that in your last betas. Now when I look at the real clouds in the sky, I compare them to your last screenshots and I am convinced that yours are more realistic... what's my problem?
  12. @Captain Kitten, these screenshots looks stunning! Have you finished the optimization process? how is it going?
  13. I think there will be a large number of different cloud types, not just one.
  14. Oh, what do you mean by night environment? volumetric lights?
  15. It seems from some of these screenshots that night flying will be supported after all?
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