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  1. I have been flying some flights with only some necessary add-ons and the SAM plug-ins and enabling more add-ons as I go. I had only 1 crash which was not related to SAM at all I think. The reason I thought it was the Follow Me was because the crashes stopped when I disabled it and started again when it was enabled. Thanks for your help and sorry for bothering you with this issue. You can consider this solved. If something is going to happen in the future I'll just create another thread.
  2. A lot actually: Where GndHandling was just installed like 2-3 flights ago as well as de xjet plugin for the Airfoillabs which I just installed yesterday. The pluings marked with a green line are installed but not touched. Flywithlua plugins (all are untouched during these flights but are loaded) Autospeed (which was also installe dlater than the crashes happened) PassengersFX B2VolumeControl I only have 1 network plugin enabled at all times (so either IVAO, POSCON or FSCloud) and I encountered crashes with all 3 of them. For the weather add-ons I rotat
  3. This was faster than I anticipated. While rolling for take-off it crashed. This time at least it says Art control modified, but it doesn't say which plugin. Last lines are from SAM if I am correct. 2021.03.25-17.28.26-log.txt Log.txt
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I'll try it out, but to be honest I doubt it'll make a difference. Weird thing is that it also happens when I'm above water or just after take-off which should be 2 phases where not much is going on in terms of loading in new objects. Also, these crashes all happened when I didn't use the follow me add-on. It was just installed. The few times I did use the add-on no crashes occurred. Besides that is that my settings are already way lower than they used to be before I reinstalled x-plane. Before that nothing was wrong. Anyway, I'll try and report back wh
  5. Hello, When flying with the Follow Me add-on I often get a CTD. This can be in any phase of the flight. I've had it while vacating, on final, just before final, in cruise and after take-off. It also occurred with multiple aircraft like the ToLiss a319, the Aerobask Epic Victory and the FlyJSim 727. When I uninstall the follow me add-on I have no problems it seems. I've tried to uninstall the add-on a few times, fly some flights then reinstall and see what happens and the CTD's returned. Reading the logs I don't see exactly what happened. I have a crash dump file, but it doesn't
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