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  1. Hi Magnus again, it's especially concerning the smooth transition between clear weather area BORDER to a broken or overcast area. thanks.
  2. Hi Magnus, this is picture showing transition from clear sky (full far left side) area to a broken overcast area (full right side). I hope the dev team will be interested by this suggestion and trying to add the small area of scattered clouds before transitioning directly to a broken or overcast area. Thanks
  3. Hi Magnus , Thanks for the new sun lights effects. I'm really very impressed.
  4. Hi Magnus, I really appreciate the picture with cirrus clouds. you have combined cirrus clouds appearance and high altitude contrails on the same time. Genius work Thanks
  5. Hi Magnus, I have a question about the thickness of cloud layer. do you have implemented a calculations to determine the base and the top of an layer ? for example : a metar indicate a few clouds at 4000 feet "few040", so the base of this layer will be at 4000 feet but the top of this layer, at what altitude will be ? thanks,
  6. Hi Magnus, Today, I want to ask you about a subject about the environment of our flight experience. I think it's the first time this subject is evoked. it's a sim speed, or a sim display speed config. I take for example a 737-800 on starting climb phase initially from160kt to 180kt. when you look on the window forward left or right you feel a lot of speed not like in real life and if you set a speed at 220kt or 240kt you feel the plane flying like a rocket. I think the problem that the atmospheric and pressure conditions doesn't have any impact on a flight model of a p
  7. Hi Magnus, I saw your last video, the clouds are nice but the list of tags to do is always endless. In anyway, the development work will finish, there will be always refinement and enhancments to do. personally, As xEnviro user, All I need for now is : 1/ a functional turbulence slider because light or GA aircraft are uncontrollable. 2/ a correct atmosphere model because the problem of the horizon shift slider. 3/ discover the new volumetric cloud technology, personally I prefer to have clouds with acceptable appearance and good FPS. the FPS is a very i
  8. Thanks Magnus for your reply, Just save it on your list please, Thank you again.
  9. Hi Magnus, I think you have enhanced water reflection and it's really beautiful on a picture. I would like to know if on the bad weather or a windy conditions or when a height of waves is indicated, you have the possibility to add the small white dots (top of waves) ? /not aligned just randomly generated/ - please to see the picture attached. Thank you,
  10. Hi Magnus, the winter theme is really successfuly rendered on xEnviro 1.10 , I saw also some clouds from continental and coastal climate theme (cardiff pictures). I want to ask you if possible to add some samples from Dry regions weather for example like we see on arizona or nevada state. some regions on the south of spain, high atlas on Morocco "Marrakech" and some other parts in the world. the dry weather have its specific beautiful type of clouds generally situated between 10000 and 25000 feet and have a multiple variaties. Thank you ,
  11. Thanks Magnus for these videos ! You are doing a great work I xEnviro
  12. Hi Magnus, the clouds on the last pictures from b35 are really on low resolution ? !!! All pictures from the previous beta tests were very beautiful but those ( b35) are really not good. I really hope you will keep the usual quality ! Other thing : flight simulation is not a simple ordinary pc game and people who loves really this have to invest in correct pc specifications with modern and powerful graphic cards. you are developers and your product can ( today ) be on a higher level on quality if the majority of customers invest on a good pc specs. if not w
  13. Hello developers, On xEnviro 1.10 : The airport lighting ,runways, taxiways, poles ... will be automatically activated by xEnviro calculations depending on weather conditions ? - reduced visibility : 5 miles and less. - rainy , snowy conditions. - overcast layer. - polluted atmospheric conditions. Thanks
  14. Just imagine this : You turn on your PC you run your x-plane 11 then when the xEnviro interface appears, you have this message : " new version is available " Ohhhhhhhhh and it comes a friday on the start of the weekend , YES ! ️what a lovely dream ! ️
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