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    This is a fictional livery I made using paint kit By audiobirdxp and thanks to George Walker who helped me in photoshop. 1. Just make a copy of the available blank livery of zibo 737 800 in X Plane 11/Aircraft/ Zibo B737-800X/ Liveries/ 2. copy and paste .dds files in the object folder and replace.
  2. I used to fly A320 in FSX earlier. After I purchased X Plane 11, I learned about Boeing 737 Zibo mod and now I rarely fly A320. I learnt lots of technical things pertaining to flying airplanes for instance: Engines and talking to ATC with proper jargon. Flight planning from scratch etc. Because of X Plane 11 I learned about the limitations of the existing hardware up to a level which I can even help another person before buying a new PC. Because of low performance in Open GL, I had to learn how to improve performance with the current hardware by tweaking different settings in Windows 10 and even GPU.
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