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  1. done just perfectly meanwhile, good job. 1.14 update will solve the intensity, as announced.
  2. found issue. for those using ortho in combination with transparent roads: kill the 4 .dds in your road folder after each x-plane official update to make the same name .pngs work. x-plane overrites every art data if not rejected by user during update process. so roads are not subject to xenviro.
  3. other question: how can i download a limited area only instead of the entire tile?
  4. what's the curv_tol doing? current value is 0.3 i think.
  5. forgot to mention magnus, general haze seems missing a bit, while the distant fog at near dawn or dust hours is done pretty perfect. i would never have thought of ever asking for general haze that reduces sight from infinite down to a few miles, as this was default x-plane's big handicap, especially in its vanille box style. don't get me a no on this, cause we both know, it will be needed to reflect reality. Currently things look very sharp and landscape details near horizon still visible. for comparison (if you like to check it out) : without xenviro i was using x-visibility, that did a good job on managing haze, but i hope xenviro can do it even better. I have not tried mountain flying yet in x-plane (as i do it in real life often enough) but i assume you have plans for atmoshphere levels? flying in the alps often cuts spheres on top like someone would draw a line, this ceiling is impressive because it's on top of a sphere segment, not as usually on bottom of cloud layers.
  6. when i turn xenviro on, my roads are replaced by others. It was my assumption that xenviro injected them. ok, will check, maybe an x-plane update reversed my arts back to their original. thanks for the info. good work you, will support! i hope austin will grant you deeper access.
  7. current tweaks relate to dataref only, but in Digital Combat simulator (google DCS water) the implemented water surface that moves and that has 3D-algorhythm.
  8. good to know, thanks. wasn't aware this product is still alive. so i assume tweaking my own skycolor.png has no effect?
  9. seems like xenviro gets the roads its own way. if so, why not improving precision ( shorter waypoints and round curves/bezier) trucks, busses and cars turn around curves like in 90 degree increments to date, ugly.
  10. can we have water like in DCS?
  11. havn't seen much of multi-level cloud layers, including towering cumulus and stuff. to date xenviro's weather does not have this vertical life as i expect. You may need to add some own creations on top of simple metar data. Their wording-like reflection of weather information can't visualize things as they look in real life. you must get away from only looking top-down (satellite imagery) and start looking at weather systems in 3 dimensions.
  12. please introduce the xenviro team. this product could play a more and more important role in x-plane's future. it would be great to see who the guys are behind the project, the nations, their backgrounds etc. seems a bit anonymous to date.
  13. please allow creation of offline user weather setup (x-plane weather GUI).
  14. Milky Way, Moon, etc. also, the sunset colours should be checked again, need some improvement. also, there is more variables of sunsets in real life, depending on air density, temperature, etc.
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