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  1. Hey guys...I am going to try to explain what I am experiencing. Pls tell me if this is normal or not normal behavior. The T/D is the issue. From 3.34 Full I started to experience this issues. In the latest update 3.35.4 this is what is happening: 1. Simbrief flight plan CYUL-KMCO 2. 13t of fuel; 20.1t payload 3. FMC shows OPT ALT 389; MAX 397 4. Flight plan legs: show 340 -340 in the legs is coming from Simbrief, I did not enter this or adjusted it 5. If I set the FMC to CRZ ALT of anything above 340 the T/D disappears, even if FMC shows OPT ALT as 389. 6. If I set CRZ ALT to the OPT 389 the FMC gives UNABLE CRZ ALT error, plane will start to decelerate, T/D disappears. Is this normal or a bug? I could not find this in FCOM or searching Google. Pics included. It seems like a bug to me. EDIT. I tried to adjust the FL in the legs page. FMC accepted FL389, the OPT level, one leg at a time. The T/D however disappeared; would not come back after setting FL back to 340 as it were. This is surely a bug. Thnx Cheers
  2. 3.33h Did some more testing. Found out that for the stab out of trim issue, it is somehow connected to A/T. FMC is set up. Pushed back. Ready to start the engines. - A/T off (is off from the ac initial load, switch on MCP was not touched to this point) - Engine Start: IGN R - Engine 2: switch to Ground - Watch trim slowly slide down to APL NOSE UP - Bring up trim with Trim Pitch - Turn A/T on - Trim stays where it was left with Pitch Trim - Engine 2: introduce fuel - Engine 2: good start This is a bug unless engines should be started with A/T set to on prior to start. Cheers
  3. Hey guys...I am wondering is some one could help. I have two issues with Zibo 738, e and h: 1. Random Out of Trim - seems to happen after FMC programming is complete - random flights - trim goes all the way down to APL NOSE UP; it can be brought back to required position with Pitch Trim control but slides slowly back down if Pitch Trim button is released; the wheel will not move with the mouse at this point. - the moment wheels leave the ground issue goes away; trim stays where Pitch Trim button was released There is nothing that seems to work except Pitch Trim. I take off with pressing Pitch Trim while during take off roll trying to hold the trim somewhere in the required range. This is not how it should be 2. While programming left FMC random CTD - happened while in flight changing ALT (step climb) - happened on the ground, do not recall at which point Is any one else experiencing this? Thnx. Cheers
  4. I was 'playing' around with SAM using CYYT as my test field. Very first time I started it all was great, easy. Then I restarted XP and: - I had templates then they were gone. The option to choose a template is there but when I click on it it shows No Templates Defined. I tired to re-install SAM to give it a fresh start still no templates. How would I get them back? - There are two jetways it seems but scenery has just one. Where is the other one; how do I delete it? EDIT: I was able to get the templates back; phantom jetway is gone, but not before reinstalling the scenery and the plugin together. Thnx for the great plugin! Looking forward to using it a LOT Cheers SAM.log scenery_packs.ini
  5. 737-900 1810 does not load with parking break set. This causes jetway to pull away the moment plane loads. Anyway to fix this? Tried save situation in XP11; tried save config in the tablet/aircraft config - set the brakes manually and save - both options not working. Thnx.
  6. I7-5820k @ 4GHZ (OC'd)
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    - AVERAGE FPS: 35 (FFA320, ZIBO737, U737-900, FF757 / FS GLOBAL REAL WEATHER, ORTHO)

  7. I recall taking a long bus ride with my mother one day when I was about 6yo. This was a long time ago. She asked me what I liked to do besides what a 6 year old normally does lol. The answer, after a long pause, I was told it was quite a funny face I made there, was flying. See, not long before we took a flight in a twin turbo prop to visit my uncle. It was my first flight. Ever since then I was hooked. Then some time after my uncle got a PC. I don not think it was even 286. He had a flight simulator loaded on it. It as the Microsoft Flight Simulator, I believe, the first version ever. It had solid green for terrain; white lines for runways. The aircraft was a cross of two small white sticks. Was it VGA even back then, you get the picture ? I had every version of MS FS until they stopped the development. Then came the question, P3D or XP. I tried XP9 and found it so different it felt unnatural I suppose. I went with P3D. It was painfully the same as MS FS. I finally decided to try XP10, give it a serious run to see if I could learn how to roll down the runway in XP10 without running off the runway, never mind flying lol. I went ahead and got XP10. Never looked back. Having had the opportunity to "fly" A319 simulator at an airline training facility, having a yard stick now so to say, I am happy I made the switch to XP. This is my story.
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