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  1. It’s hard to find a stable version of the Zibo mod that doesn’t have any game breaking bugs...
  2. Already answered & Kitten said yes It just overlays whatever scenery is on the ground.
  3. Ayy I’m dying to join the beta. Will there be an application / how will the signup process work? I assume it’s a closed beta, right? Edit: Seems like I might be a month late...
  4. Looks incredible minus the grain & frame rate issues!
  5. Oh my wow Oh my wow these all look incredibly realistic. really really really hoping this is near release!!! Cannot wait to fly with these clouds.
  6. Any chance we can get some pics on the ground under a layer of overcast clouds? And maybe some cirrus cloud shots? This all looks phenomenal and I'm really excited
  7. Can you send me a PM? I’ve been looking for info on that project and haven’t found any. I’m sure this is much better. I’m so excited for v1.10 ahhh
  8. Ahg insane. Can't wait for this to be released. Hopefully it's soon Thank you so much for all of the effort you put in to provide us with screenshots and info!
  9. Almost the same specs! What’s the performance like inside the clouds? So excited!!
  10. With the volumetric noise rendering, does this mean new cloud formations will occur when the METAR changes & will happen fluidly? Or will we still get the refresh flash when the weather changes?
  11. Looks astonishing for a simulator... wow. Any chance we could see some shots at dawn or dusk to see what the cloud lighting is like?
  12. Looks incredible! Is xEnviro v1.10 being tested in 11.30b for compatability?
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