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  1. Loving these shots and the fact it's getting closer to an RC :) Please can you confirm which GPU you use for that frame rate (as you've previously confirmed that XE is dependent on GPU). I did a search in the forum and you mentioned a 1070 in one post but I didn't know if that was your spec or the spec of one of the beta testers machines.
  2. I completely agree with this, the reason I bought xEnviro early on is that they are trying to do something which is inherently difficult and I wanted to support it - if it wasn't then there would be a lot of other vendors with real 3D volumetric clouds. Yes it's taking time for the team to fix things and its frustrating, we'd all like to be cloud surfing in perfect fluffy clouds and I'm sure the developers would love us to be doing that as well but IT development takes time especially in a niche market like flight simming where small dev teams are involved. The xEnviro team have never made any secret that the product isn't where they want it to be or that it will take an unknown amount of time before things improve, especially given the false starts when Laminar make changes to the core of xPlane which stops a development branch dead in its tracks. As domae001 says, don't buy v1.09 of something when what you really want to be buying is 1.XX in the future unless you are willing to sit back while the devs fix things. From what I've seen, in my opinion, when 1.10 and later versions release it will be game-changing to my flight sim experience so I'll sit back, drink some tea and wait until it lands.
  3. Cloud surfing in a light aircraft is one of my favorite things about flying and this is getting a lot closer to that feeling than any of the current weather add-ons. Really looking forward to trying this out once it's released.
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