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  1. This is huge you've already stepped into Vulkan! wow
  2. Here's my (3) xEnviro 1.14 with Ortho4xp over Seattle area.
  3. OMG twitch here I come stay on it guyz... I'm still here on x-plane and always will be.
  4. Yeah I don't see any more "reverse" pixel border on the mountain tops when clouds appear behind them. Stunning work guyz.
  5. Looking good can't wait to see what you've all done.
  6. The last screenshot was breathtaking @Captain Kitten Supporting X-Plane's future is still in my list of hobbies - nightly forum updates. Comments regarding MSF2020 and X-Plane I feel with X-Plane seeing users streams allowed us all to admire the differences of each individual configuration. This guy uses xEnviro... This guy uses ASXP... This guy uses Google Ortho instead of BING. Microsoft Stream all appear the same. (as beautiful as its release is they are all the same) Support developers each one is an artist.
  7. I am shocked that LR and Austin himself live on youtube seeing xEnviro after that expo in miami. Stating we certainly would help your xE team.. But then failing to open the doors needed. x-plane has never considered the environment over the years so xE probably has to work around all the bs they are left with. 1 layer 2 layers tops eh? And vulkan has nothing to offer? its a miracle you guyz do what ya do and its still very impressive.
  8. That’s great news @Captain Kitten. Cross our fingers no surprises arise. Images look powerful. I as well use ms2020 now and still anxiously await 1.14 and xe work being developed. Any weather is good weather and they have there differences. Keep at it.
  9. I must say it looks clean. Shadows are spot on very accurately casted / depicted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just to chime in, your purchase is not in vain. xEnviro was way ahead on the volumetric cloud attempts and that was a risk I still feel is gonna pay off huge compare there skies to some of the screenshots of msfs2020 even I feel they are artistically different and love the looks. They’re in the right direction.
  11. Waiting patiently for xE 1.14 updates can we get video clips soon? a screenshot? Still #1 fan even tho I caved in and bought UWXP and its keeping me during this dev time.
  12. Agreed and I love it. Document away @Captain Kitten. My apologies if it alarmed the wrong folk. Keep trucking! Looks great.
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