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  1. This was your idea! But I 100% Support it! xEnviro is "Breaking Though" the positives are being shown in timelapse and videos... Just like anything else it takes some people to get used to a change.
  2. Yes I hereby request a v1.10 Show OFF Gallery/Museum with Video Embeds.
  3. Um I almost feel this was made from my request... The honesty in the video of dev changes is understood. I am the #1 fan in the live streams supporting this product development hurdles. NO other sim, NO other game, NO other software is doing what you have sought out to accomplish = Realtime Volumetric Rendering of environmental clouds, sky in 3D using real weather data & allow flight. The backlash or feedback I get is they want to see another realtime flight at its current stage with fps counter. they think showing screenshots, and now timelapse video is hiding low fps performance. Give us a few clips. please... Thank you for this I can't wait to make my own timelapses.
  4. WOW I think its time to "Showcase" a youtube stream? We want to see this kinda flight live No more qa? I'm in awwwwe.
  5. Ummm don’t be darn shy share the video please pretty please it’s the only thing I have to look forward to to get me through this day at work!
  6. Can anyone say uninstall active sky X-Plane. OMG showing off a bit is well deserved.
  7. This is out of this world... or maybe it is this world. -- Night Lighting looking like its wrapping up? Cant wait for another video stream.
  8. I'm just dying to zoom in on an actual 1:1 screenshot pretty please post 1 like this don't scale 4K? SH*t if this is gonna be this good I may purchase a 2nd copy
  9. This change of development to Vol. Clouds should be v2.0! Man I hope your testing this on 1.30 now! Next weekend is gonna be a treat.
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