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  2. Hello I've just tried the FlyAgi tweak utility, this is absolutely brilliant : I was always annoyed to fly during full day because of those jagged shadow that just killed the experience.That is finished...Never had this feeling to be really there before, with those perfect dynamic shadows you can really feel all the volume of the plane and also the movements... It has some hit on FPS, but it worth it! Thanks a lot to FlyAgi for his tweak utility and to Draço for the topic! Here are some pic of a flight with the JF C152 from ORBX shoreham to Shoreham, with True earth... Jordan Chin asked me wich sky colors I was using for those pic, so here it is : I was using the set 5 of sky colors from UWXP and my preset on xvision : cloud puffs alpha-smoothing : radius: 0.5 clouds volumizer : volume: 1.0 Specular sunlight gain : 5 ambient sunlight gain : 1.6 diffuse sunlight gain : 0.5 cloud brightness, contrast...: brightness: 0.0 contrast : 1.0 sat : 1.0 Sun glitter adjustment : Brightness : 0.02 Beam width : 30 ( this tweak will make the glitters almost translucent, and xvision will tells that there is mistakes in the preset, but it works just fine, I made that because I didn't liked the effect of having a plain pure white area on the sea, felt very unrealistic to me... With this tweak, the sun reflections on the sea is very light and diffuse) Post processing : in global stage post-processing: Vibrance : 0.25 Brightnesscontrastsaturation : brightness : 0.0 Contrast : 1.1 sat : 1.0
  3. Hello! It was quite a long way for me... My first try on a flightsim was FS98 wich came with a joystick as a christmas gift for that year. I was 12, I remember me flying the default cessna at Chicago or New York and trying to pass between the building or below bridges. At that moment I didn't really got into it. Trying to fly the Bell 206 eventually killed me after many unsuccessfull try circleing and crashing, and I soon stopped running it without understanding the real purpose. Many years after, I was in my twenties when I took a real plane for the first time. I always remained very anxious but also kind of fascinated since that, the worst for me was to fly above the ocean during long flight...I'm mentionning that because it's actually what's putted me back on flightsim path. Two years ago, after a year I've been flying a lot between France and south America, I figured out that I wanted to know how it really works to fly a plane, and have a chance to do it myself. At first it was more a way to fight my fear and anxiety of flying, but very soon it became passionate. Knowing almost nothing about flightsim, I started watching videos on youtube, and the best seemed to be FSX, so I bought it on steam, and it was a huge disappointment : the FSX I've bought looked nothing like what I've seen in the vid, it was so far from the photoreal, and it didn't even run well on my computer ( didn't really knew that you couldn't expect the same FPS as games ). As a newbee I didn't knew that to have these amazing graphics I've seen on the video, you had to buy dozen of addons. I didn't knew where to start to have the visuals I wanted and also didn't got the money for this. I eventually felt a little overwhelmed by this and gave up FSX. Some months passed and I've seen a video on Flight Sim World with the rain windshield effect that got me. This is on this sim that I really began to learn and enjoy flying. I loved the atmosphere with 3D clouds, the lights, the planes were really well modeled, but still I was missing two important things for me : first, the sceneries didn't looked like the real world, second, there was no airliner available. It ends up that the whole sim was cancelled. Back on youtube, I've seen few video of Aerofly FS2 that just blow my eyes : it was the great canyon of Arizona with a jet, and it looked genuinely real, and also it seemed to run very very smooth compare to all other flightsim I knew. So I began on that too, and after the first moments of flying in amazing photoreal texture, I wasn't at all convinced by the flight model, and soon, I've been looking for something else. This is the moment I've found the amazing x-plane community, with this possibility of tweaking almost everything, making our own ortho sceneries etc. I gave a try to the XP11 demo, at first I was surprised by the flight model, it was of course very different from AFS2 but also from Flight Sim World, the environment looked more real. So I got into it, spent hours making orthos for near all France, began to buy payware aircraft...this was the sim I was looking for since a while. I think the first was the carenado PA 34 Seneca, since it was my favourite plane from FSW, then I bought the PC12 wich is still the plane I flew the most and the FFA320. I'm still a beginner, I've learnt very simple procedures on airliner, not enough to fly it realistically ( still know almost nothing about ATC ). Now I'm improving my learn into flying GA like the JF C 152 and since ORBX has released his fantastic True Earth Great Britain, I never had more fun to fly GA aircraft at low altitude. Looking forward to see what is coming next on X-plane!
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