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  1. We have fantastic animated jetways and marshallers but has anyone thought of a/n animated airstair/s at airports without jetways?
    Thanks! I will feed back once I've tried it out.
  2. Greetings, I found this forum through Asene's scenery link. I was on the other forum but left it because of various reasons. I will share some sceneries that I have made and let's see how it goes! Cheers Raffles I fly a B727 in Africa, this is a level D sim in Sanford, Orlando where I do recurrent training.
    I've been trying to download it for two days now, both here and on the "other" forum but the downloads fail after about 1/3 of the way. It's probably my internet connection. From the screenshots it looks great. Here are some pictures I took when I was there.
  3. Raffles

    Autoland with Zibo

    I just tested it and it basically flew the plane onto the ground, no flare. It's probably a programming issue they haven't found a solution for yet.
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