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  1. Opening the SAM2 Suite today ends up in an empty window (except the header)
  2. It is every X-Plane 11 default scenery, and all the downloaded from the store, e.g. "ShortFinal - EDDM - Munich Airport" or "Gaya_Sim_LOWW_Wien_Airport". The attached SAM.log is showing the errors; they occur when launching X-Plane prior selecting any airport. SAM.log
  3. It is definitely not a problem of the scenery, because it worked till version 1.0.7; and as well it does not work at default X-Plane airports. As in the reply it is possible to attach files, I submitted the required logs. Log.txt SAM.log
  4. Finally with version 2.1.0 the Basic Plugin does not lead to a crash of X-Plane 11, but now the alarm for the Jetways is gone. And as well all by me manually edited jetways (because of airport developers failure) were reset. Sorry, but I can't find the way to upload the required logs.
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