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  1. I recently started work on a Next Generation Futuristic Boeing 787. the model is almost completed. Since I am not providing much info here, it is recommended that you read the "PLS PLS PLS PLS README" file if you want to avoid crashing. Also, the cockpit is not too detailed. The Garmin G1000 has a problem while loading, so pls fix it. Also, a replay file is included, and it is recommended to use it with MisterX6's ksfo scenery AND the default scenery in the area. Boeing 787NG 2030.zip
  2. I have been crazy after planes since I was 3. Before the mind blowing X-Plane 11, I used crappy flight sims like "Flight Pilot Simulator 3d free" and "Airplane Simulator 2019 free". The 2019 one called professional pilots "Airmen" lol. I have a list of those crappy sims. Most of them were Unity... never a good sign. Later, I got Airline Commander by Rortos for free. The physics were pretty good, and the textures and graphics were great. But it wasn't the level of realism I wanted. This year, I was so mad after X-Plane 11 after the demo, I just bought it even though I use a Macbook Air 2017, an
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