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  1. The recent update messed up several things, so the best way is to make a fresh install. 1. Delete the entire FFA320 folder 2. Go to your store and download the new version of the plane 3. Intall it normally and install again the liveries, the bss sound, the mod, etc ... 4. Activate it with the serial in the sim
  2. Thank you for your compliments ! I will certainly create others mod, but I want to make them on study level ones. Because if I want to sit in a wonderful looking plane, I want it to fly in concordance, if you see what I mean Haha. So I don't know how fly the 777 but I was more thinking in improving an A330 or an upcoming A340. Because I fly these planes in my VA lol About the zibo, I think that they don't need an improvement, because when I see pictures about it, I find it looks already very good !
  3. 14,460 downloads

    NEW UPDATE VERSION 4.0 Available - INSTALL THE NEW VERSION ON A CLEAN FFA320 FOLDER - READ CAREFULLY ALL THE "README" FILES INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGES Matavia Mod V4.5 for Flight Factor A320 I decided to improve it because it showed me really good potential but I wasn't totaly satisfied. Initially it was a personnal project but it became bigger and bigger so I decided to share my work with the community. LIVERIES : Just click on the "download this file" button. Update 4.5.0 content : - Compatible with V.1.1.9 version & Vulkan - Wingflex compatible with Sharklets ( Thank you to Cardajowol) - Configurator compatible with IAE & LEAP engines Update 4.0.0 content : - Compatible with V.1.0.7 version - NEW Sharklets model and textures on both side - NEW Cabin windows model and texture - NEW Satcom model and texture - NEW Cockpit windows mod dark from exterior and clear from inside (ext view not working with opened window) - NEW Global rework for textures and PBR - ALL liveries updated and compatible with the mods - Exterior lights compatible with Sharklets - NEW Configurator files for easy switch between mods Update 3.0.0 content : - Compatible with version 1.0 - Cockpit Blue and Grey reworked - New cabin windows added / Thanks to Delta_Who (Dellanie Byron) - New window shutters added /Thanks to Delta_Who (Dellanie Byron) - New addon created to customize interior lights Update 2.5.0 content : - Compatible with 0.10.x version - Choice for Cockpit Colors Blueish & Greyish - Choice for Cockpit Lights Cold & Warm - Cabin Lights customized - Exterior Lights Adjusted Update 2.0.0 content : - New wing reflections - New cockpit reflections - New white wing base color texture - New improved external lights - New improved interior lights - External lights compatible for xEnviro users Update 1.5.0 content : - New wing normals - New improved external lights - Message error resolved - Added all the missing textures and .obj I hope you will enjoy it ! © 2018 Matteo Avia. All rights reserved.
  4. It's not a real problem, just click on "understand" and everything will be fine
  5. Yea and tell me your thoughts ! It has no impact on performance normally. Yes sure, do you mean upload the files in a new topic in the forum or elsewhere ?
  6. Feel free to test out with the Official Liveries !
  7. Hello everyone, I share the Matavia Mod V2.0 link here for those who want to try it ! Matavia Mod On X-plane.org I hope you will enjoy it ! Fly safe !
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