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  1. Time to announce two airports Announcing freeware LDOS Osjek for x-plane 11, with full permission given from the orbx developer that made the scenery for a DSC render within X11 And barra beach, the only commercial airport in the world that is located on a beach! This airport is done in cooperation with SoarFly Concepts
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Version 1.0 ------------------- FEATURES: - Custom ground, including Taxiway F (Foxtrot) - Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) integration with custom gates, marshalls and VGDS - Custom buildings, including bay of Dubrovnik in addition to the Old City of Dubrovnik. - Custom night lightning - Numerous boats, some of them animated (CDB library among others) - Numerous 3D assets by various developers, including 3D people - Accurately placed vegetation INSTALLATION: Simply unzip and drag the folder called DSC_Dubrovnik_LDDU into your custom scenery folder and start your xplane. Requires xplane 11.41+ Libraries required: - Handyobjects library - MisterX library - OpenSceneryX - RA_library - FlyAgi_vegetation library - CDB_library Plugins required: Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) Highly recommended: MisterX Airport environment HD and/or ALES. Known issues: - If you are using custom mesh the old town of dubrovnik will float a couple meters above the ground. - Glass may look cool to some and weird to others; there is an easy fix for that. Head into the Dubrovnik/objects/buildings and simply remove all the textures that are named _NORMAL at the end. this will remove the weirdly looking glass, however it will remove the cool effects on the roofing, walls etc. Developer comments -------------------- This airport is made to work with orthophoto scenery provided by zonephoto - it is highly recommended you download the tile over this area in addition to the overlays that go with them to populate the autogen even further. Special thanks to those who have provided us with references and objects, moreover we are grateful to all the testers who have helped us iron out issues during the testing phase Developers Dragoljub Blagojevic & Gagos Any donations will go to fuel our hobby as license for Adobe and 3D programs in addition to other assets COSTS. We would appreciate some assistance on the way, no matter the size. Donate via https://paypal.me/drbl1995 For any requests, contact us on dreamsimcreations@gmail.com
    Mr Danielsson strikes again! Well done! Would be a 10 with custom ground
  3. Version 1.0.0


    More high-res photos can be found on my google photos site. The legend and master scenery developer Lennart Arvidsson has overdone himself with what is basically payware quality for free giving us simmers a multiairport package done in extremly detailed quality. Lennart, we are forever in your gratitude! For more swedish airports and lennarts airports please visit http://www.rbdesign.se/svenska-flygplatser-till-xp11/ Make sure to read README files as they contain instructions on what libraries were used. Airports and airfields made are ESFA_Bokeberg ESMX Växjö ESNH Hudiksvall ESNK Kramfors ESTT Vellinge XESG2 Fjärås Duvhet XESM2 Bjällerup XESM10 Vindvälle XESS11 Huglajv Well done Lennart, and yet again thank you for everything!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Does it have helipads? Built using x-planes own terminal kit. Download size is 58 KB! If you like my creations, plz consider a donation or two that directly fuel my stomach with lively nutriance Link to paypal donation
  5. Version 1.0.0


    ESNB Solleftea-Langsele V1.0.0 Features * Custommade objects * Custom Night lightning * Animated objects * Handcrafted background * Patches of wet ground when the weather conditions are wet or damp Requirements For this airport it is required to have visual effects set on at least HDR. For libraries, just google on the following names: PuF Library RA_Library MisterX_library handyobjects_library ALES dev library FlyAgi vegetation library SE-lib found on the same page as download for this airport. To find it, press CTRL+F and enter SE-lib in the search popup) Installation There are two versions, one heavy(er) on frames and one light(er) on frames. The recommended version is heavy. The download can be found on the page I linked to, just hold CTRL+F and search for ESNB. It should then take you directly to the download buttons. Credits: Developers Gagos & Dragoljub Blagojevic Special credits To Love P. and Vilhelm K. for their imigary of the airport and their support To fine gentlemen MisterX for letting me include some of his stuff and distribute with our scenery. BIG thank you To X-coder and mSparks on threshold discord that helped with solving some issues as well as giving advice as to how to proceed! We wouldn't have done it without you! Donations While not mandatory, any donation is highly appreciated as software we use, photoshop among other things, cost quite a lot of money. Your help we could hopefully pay a full year sub and continue to make freebees for this wonderful sim while as always striving to outdo ourselfs! You can donate via https://paypal.me/drbl1995 Contact: dreamsimcreations@gmail.com
    Wow, great liveries, thanks!
  6. looking good! Consider using SE-lib military hangars and place them on random spots at military apron. some of us fly mil as well
  7. oo nice! Thank you for updating me! Will add it! And consider expanding the list yourself
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Fly and fish is a concept created by Lennart Arvidsson during the days of FSX in which he created fictional airfields located somewhere on the lakes and coastlines of Sweden that offered interesting sights and approaches. I am posting this here on behalf of Lennart Arvidsson so that many more can enjoy his work. As always, we are all very grateful to Richard Brinckeback for hosting the files on his website! I hope you now get little more traffic! Check out the rest of the goodies on his website! Use following codes to start/fly to them. FF1 Uddjaure FF2 Stora Rensjön FF3 Stora Blåsjön FF4 Skåne FF5 Torneträsk FF6 Danmark FF7 Vänern FF8 Skärgården FF9 Västkusten FF10 Oslofjorden
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