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    Wow, great liveries, thanks!
  1. looking good! Consider using SE-lib military hangars and place them on random spots at military apron. some of us fly mil as well
  2. oo nice! Thank you for updating me! Will add it! And consider expanding the list yourself
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Fly and fish is a concept created by Lennart Arvidsson during the days of FSX in which he created fictional airfields located somewhere on the lakes and coastlines of Sweden that offered interesting sights and approaches. I am posting this here on behalf of Lennart Arvidsson so that many more can enjoy his work. As always, we are all very grateful to Richard Brinckeback for hosting the files on his website! I hope you now get little more traffic! Check out the rest of the goodies on his website! Use following codes to start/fly to them. FF1 Uddjaure FF2 Stora Rensjön FF3 Stora Blåsjön FF4 Skåne FF5 Torneträsk FF6 Danmark FF7 Vänern FF8 Skärgården FF9 Västkusten FF10 Oslofjorden
  4. DragoB

    Default B-52D

    Not to my knowledge, no
  5. <Noice! but mah dude, change the decal to less grain ;)!
  6. Version 0.0.9


    The version is marked with LIGHT due to us missing proper imagery for the airport so while we wait for the picks we at vatadria wanted to upload a correct version with custom ground and terminal so you can fly online properly. This document will be updated with improved version later on when we get proper material. Installation: Find the Nis download at VATADRIAS scenery page and download the zip. Simply drag the root folder of LYNI into your custom scenery folder. Open the folders readme file to see what libraries you need in order for it to work. There are quite a few at this time; we will look at reducing it for the future :)! Developers: Drago 1 and Drago 2
  7. Prefs views not saved on the 700.
  8. just continue working on it! I look forward flying to it! Remember that its better if a projects takes a couple of months extra than releasing it half aced!
  9. there is a payware coming from a well known and established developer called felis for 747-200. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/149456-boeing-747-200-classic-by-felis/
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