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  1. Most of the time, you find charts by looking at respective IVAO/VATSIM divisions. For instance, this one is for greece and requires a vatsim login. thats all https://briefing.hvacc.org/
  2. aww sweet lawd, cant w8. Hope they give it a thumbs up!
  3. Cant w8 to see more. If you are going full freeware, its gonna get amaizinG!
  4. could you please zip this as a single file? Thank you
    Well done my friend, cant wait to see more from you in the future!
  5. This is a forever incomplete list of high quality airports for scandinavia. The reason why I say that it is incomplete is due to the vast number of airports constantly produced by our designers. I will count on you to help out fill in the gaps Sweden Other scenery Stockholm Landmarks Medelpad Landmarks Göteborg Landmarks Öland Landmarks W2XP Sweden v1 Airports ESGE Borås ESFS Sandvik Öland ESGF Falkenberg ESGJ Jonköping ESGM Kinna ESGV Varberg ESKH Ekshärad ESKT Tierp ESMB Borglanda Öland ESMF Fagerhult ESMG Feringe ESMH Höganäs ESMZ Ölanda ESMT Halmstad ESNK Kramfors ESNT Sättna ESNV Vilhelmina ESSX Johannisberg Västerås ESTT Vellinge ESUH Härnösand Myran ESUL Ljusdal ESUP Pajala ESPA Luleå Airport ESNN Sundsvall Airport ESSK Gävle Airport ESNX Arvidsjaur Airport ESNU Umeå Airport ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport ESSV Visby Norway ENJB Jarlsberg ENHA Hamar Stafsberg ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport ENGM Oslo Gardermoen by Aerosoft ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Freeware by TDG Denmark Other scenery Denmark Pro VFR Faroe Islands - Maps2Xplane Airports EKVG Vágar Airport + 8 helipads (included in Faroe Islands - Maps2Xplane) EKVG Vágar Airport - Freeware by TDG EKGR Danish Airfields X – Grenaa XP Finland Airports EFHF Helsinki Malmi - a superb gateway scenery included in default x-plane 11.30+ Iceland Other scenery To be added Airports To be added
  6. Sweden ESPA Luleå Airport- RunawayBot ESUT Hemavan Airport - RunawayBot ESSA Arlanda Airport- ORBX ESNQ Kiruna Airport - ORBX ESSV Visby Airport - ORBX ESST Dala Airport - ORBX ESGL Lidköping Airport - Oskar Sandsjö Norway ENHF Hammarfest Airport - ORBX ENNK Narvik Airport, Framnes - ORBX ENNO Notodden Airport - ORBX ENSD Sandane Airport - ORBX ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport - ORBX ENJA Jan Mayensfield - ORBX Denmark Finland EFHK Helsinki Vantaa - M4ketech
    Yet another one! Well done!
    Thank you! Just donated!
  7. Ether u get blueprints or u try and use you best judgement as to how tall a structure is by looking at images
  8. http://www.bnasroberts.net/XPlaneBaz/Scenery.html What it lacks in details, it compensates in the numbers - the scenery pack is really something. Make sure to give i a try
  9. Download the airport again. Everything should be fixed! Thank you so much for understanding!
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