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  1. Prefs views not saved on the 700.
  2. just continue working on it! I look forward flying to it! Remember that its better if a projects takes a couple of months extra than releasing it half aced!
  3. there is a payware coming from a well known and established developer called felis for 747-200. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/149456-boeing-747-200-classic-by-felis/
  4. DragoB


    I dont even need to download to rate it :D! Well done gentlemen!!
  5. I go through the basics for setting up the client for your x-plane properly. Make sure to delete or move out any multiplayer plugin from the plugins folder prior to starting swift, including Joinfs, pilotedge and x-ivap + more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvRhLgeARWk&feature=youtu.be
    A fully custommade hight quality scenery is something you dont see often as freeware. The author has made sure to not leave any detail behind (except for security reasons). As a pilot who flies here on yearly bases, I give it a strong 5/5. Well done
  6. Version 1.0.0


    After taking a brake for a couple of months I decided to return to scenery development, and motala was perfect for my goals as the objects were already made for an fsx scenery some time ago when I started by Anders Högqvist and yours truly. If you wish to edit this scenery, please consult me first via a PM. If I am dead or in a vegie state, do as you wish as long as you give credit where credit is due (check my special thanx list). Features Accurate layout Real buildings Custom Forests Custom painted ground textures High-quality buildings and textures Recommended Ortho4xp as the background is made to fit perfectly with orthophotos. Prerequisites OpensceneryX library newest version MisterX Library - Newest version RA_library - most updated version SE-lib - most updated version. Just click on the name SE-lib on the download page of rbdesign to download it. Installation Simply download the file and extract it into your "Custom Scenery" folder. A special thanks to: The people at Motala flygklubb for pictures. Runwaybot and Daniel Martinsson for tips and tricks Anders Högqvist for his high-quality models Library makers, with a special thanks to Hans for his everlasting work on SE-lib Textures.com for being a great source for finding various textures. And the people in the X-plane community for keeping me motivated to make sceneries. Bug reporting If you happen to find any bugs in this scenery: please leave a comment (and not a review!) below.
  7. The issue today with miviz is their blunt responses; its not even the pricetag that is driving people nuts - its the person handeling their PR. Today, PR is EVERYTHING. Just look at some devs out there like LES and HotStart, I am going to buy every single plane they make not because I have time to fly them all but because they are very friendly in their way and I would like to support that. The same with majestic on the p3d side. If they had just simply put a statement that if the X-plane ATR is going to see light of the day a kickstarted is needed. Those who pledge get a discount or the aircraft for free. As simple as that and this whole mess would be avoided.
  8. Most of the time, you find charts by looking at respective IVAO/VATSIM divisions. For instance, this one is for greece and requires a vatsim login. thats all https://briefing.hvacc.org/
  9. Cant w8 to see more. If you are going full freeware, its gonna get amaizinG!
  10. could you please zip this as a single file? Thank you
    Well done my friend, cant wait to see more from you in the future!
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