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  1. Hello everyone, After careful consideration and numerous request for a roadmap, we have decided to release our 2021 roadmap to the public. Our team has grown significantly throughout the last few months and we are working tirelessly on products to fill the gaps in the market, that the community so desperately needs. Before we get started, we would like to note that every product announced are planned to be released sometime this year but we cannot predict the development hurdles that might come our way. (Hopefully none) Furthermore we would not provide further development updates until the project is coming up for release, normally around 3-2 weeks before release day. Let's start off with our airports planned for X-Plane 11: KPSP Palm Springs International airport YBCG Gold Coast Airport NZQN Queenstown Airport LPPD João Paulo II Airport ( Part of São Miguel Island package) YMML Melbourne Airport KLGA LaGuardia Airport EGPF Glasgow Airport OTHH Hamad International Airport We will also see a large variety of products for the not so new simulator, MFS2020 YPPH Perth International Airport KMEM Memphis International Airport KJAC Jackson Hole Airport KPSP Palm Springs International Airport YBCG Gold Coast Airport We will also start experimenting with landmark packages for X-Plane 11 and MFS2020 in partnership with Prealsoft Gold Coast City Landmark Package (X-Plane 11 and MFS2020) Casablanca Landmark Package (X-Plane 11) Paris Landmark Package (X-Plane 11) 2021 Partnerships As always stay on top of our product previews, launches & updates by following us on Instagram, Facebook or by joining our discord community server. It has been a fantastic year so far and we look forward to the rest of 2021! Flying with you, The Axonos Team
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