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  1. Beta 3 Changes Modified the integration with Four Seasons plugin to fix snowy winter textures and to implement new 'patchy snow' mode in latest Four Seasons. Beta 2 Changes Implemented fix to make OSX 4 work with OverlayEditor Fixed missing TEXTURE_NORMAL in oil fired power station
  2. Heh, for the same reason - such an enormous variety in the use of OpenSceneryX, combined with different plugins and X-Plane configurations, its hard to say what bugs I’m looking for. Some key things: The main one is actually with the static aircraft switched on, because this is the first time OSX injects anything into the core sim. I’m looking for anomalies in placement or type of static aircraft. Secondly is the general display of vegetation in various seasons. I’m really aiming for consistency between your chosen seasonal plug-in and OSX vegetation - if you are seeing autumn elsewhere, I would like OSX to show autumn vegetation too. Finally, I’ll investigate anything anomalous (like the LOD behaviour you have reported in the other thread). Sorry for being a bit vague, I believe everything fundamentally works, it’s just I can’t be sure it works across a huge variety of installations.
  3. It could be there is an inconsistency of LODs between forests and individual trees in OpenSceneryX, or an inconsistency between OSX and default X-Plane vegetation, or an inconsistency with another library. Do you know where each set of trees comes from - are they both OpenSceneryX? Send me a link to the airport if you prefer.
  4. Ok, that's good news, thank you for confirming. Closing this issue report now it is resolved.
  5. Got some input from the X-Plane team, and it turns out that REGION_ALL doesn't exist after all! So I've built a new release that uses a different mechanism. Just re-run your existing installer, and re-test the new version, including in OverlayEditor.
  6. It's as I thought - OE doesn't understand the REGION_ALL statement in the library. Which is not particularly surprising as it's not documented anywhere and seems to have been implemented and disseminated by rumour and magic. I heard about it via other seasonal packages and the Four Seasons plugin. So, not too sure what to do about this. I am using REGION_ALL consistently with other packages that use it, but because it's not documented, I don't know how it should behave under all circumstances. So it's a little tricky to implement the "correct" behaviour in OE. I'll see whether I can get any more info out of the X-Plane team.
  7. Right. I think what's happening is this. When implementing seasons (using REGIONs in the library), because of the way libraries work we have to put all the seasonal overrides first in the library.txt file, and the main bulk of the library comes at the end after a REGION_ALL directive to tell X-Plane that the remaining items should be shown in all other cases. It sounds like OE doesn't understand that everything after a REGION_ALL should be generally available and is therefore ignoring everything. Ok, simple in theory but I bet it's not going to be quite so simple to fix OE I'll take a look and see whether it's within my skills. For the moment the advice is to disable seasons in OSX before building scenery if you want to use OE.
  8. Could you try something for me: Re-run the OpenSceneryX installer, and disable seasons, then let the installation complete. Then re-run OE and see whether that makes a difference. I have a theory in mind…
  9. By the way, does OpenSceneryX 3.2.0 still work for you in OE?
  10. Interesting. I wonder whether OE is running out of memory, though a crash would be more usual in that case. Perhaps it can't handle the large groups of seasonal REGION entries. I have a tiny involvement with OE, as I recently rebuilt the Mac version to run on the latest macOS (it was failing to launch) so if I get a moment I'll see whether a fix is obvious. Otherwise, Jonathan (Marginal) will have to be involved. Not sure what you mean. I haven't made any updates to OSX since the 6th March when I fixed this issue. Best wishes and thank you for spending time testing, Austin G.
  11. That's really positive news, thank you very much for spending the time to test. It's good to hear you haven't found any issues across the large number of sceneries you have installed.
  12. Thank you very much, please take a look at https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/163-beta-testing-v400/ where the testing is being managed.
  13. Hi, Thank you for volunteering to test. My main priority is to get as many people to install it and run X-Plane normally, to check it is working across as wide a range of scenery packages as possible and doesn't cause any strange or unexpected behaviour. This includes both seasons and static aircraft auto-placement. If you would like to take it a step further and start building and testing scenery for seasonal changes, that would be fantastic but I can't really offer a structured plan for that. The only items affected at the moment are the vegetation (including forests of grass, plants and trees as well as individual plant objects) so I suggest you concentrate on those. Note that seasons should be applied to the vegetation in all existing packages that use OpenSceneryX as well as new ones. Best wishes, Austin G.
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