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  1. aussi

    OpenSceneryX 3.2.0 Released

    Thank you!
  2. Happy New Year Everyone! To celebrate 2019, there's a new release of OpenSceneryX out - v3.2.0. For the full details on what's new, take a look at the news post. As always, if you already have a recent version of the installer, just re-run it to update your install. If you need a new installer, grab it from the OpenSceneryX website. Have fun with the new stuff, and a huge thank you to all our contributors. Austin G.
  3. aussi

    Harassment of Developers

    Yes it's an interesting challenge. The .org does nowadays have a version number for every file, but you're right that without a standard way of identifying the version you've got on disk, it's only useful when browsing. One way of solving this is for the version.txt to be injected into the zip file automatically on the server when the file is uploaded. I'm not sure whether an Invision Community plugin exists that could do this, but it would remove the need for each developer to do it manually. Another way of solving it is for a desktop tool to do the downloading and extraction of the zip file, then that tool can store the version info itself. As it happens, I fully implemented this into XAddonManager 8 years go, collaborating with Mark Roberts who set up a server-side list of packages that XAM could interrogate and search. It was all working well with test data and a test user, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside as Mark got really busy and I didn't want to pester him for updates to the server. I've been away from X-Plane for some time so haven't done anything on XAM for ages and it seems the much more fully featured xOrganiser has taken its place, so I doubt it would be very useful to resurrect that project. Cheers, Austin G.
  4. aussi

    Harassment of Developers

    Well this was news to me. A version.txt will be in the next release of OpenSceneryX. But this demonstrates that you can't always blame developers for not incorporating "standard" features that everyone expects. If nobody tells the developer about it, how will they know? I make a point of actively keeping up to date with new X-Plane features so that OSX can make use of these, but I'm afraid there aren't enough hours in the day to keep tabs on new features being added to the massive body of third party software out there - it's up to users to get in touch to request these sorts of enhancements.
  5. Hello everyone, I've always been interested in flying, including being in the RAF CCF at school, and flying various simulators on the Commodore 64, including the awesome Gunship. My ambitions of being an RAF pilot were stopped by my awful eyesight, so life went in a different direction. I couldn't fly at Uni but my fascination never stopped so I kept simming, despite being a Mac user . I did use FS4 for a short while, when it was available on the Mac, but once I found X-Plane I never looked back - the feel of "real" flight was unmatched… never mind that the developer shares my first name! I think it was v5 back then, but memory is a little fuzzy as it was a long time ago. I did start learning to fly for real in the early 2000s at my local airfield in Shropshire, EGCV Sleap. I got interested in X-Plane scenery by building this airfield so I could practise between real flights. I also built a fairly detailed version of EGCC Manchester back then, which I think was used as the basis of the current Gateway version (it certainly made it back into Robin Peel's data). Flying is of course expensive, but then I went completely mad and bought a 26ft sailing boat. If anyone here has owned a boat they know that boating + flying = too much $$ so it was back to simming to get my flying fix . When X-Plane 8 came out, scenery libraries became a thing, and after some extensive discussions OpenSceneryX was born, which along with XAddonManager are my main contributions to the X-Plane world. I won't bore you with the history of OSX, but if you want to read more then there's a potted history on the website. I have taken a couple of breaks from X-Plane, one of which was because of spending far too much time in Elite Dangerous (I contributed to the Kickstarter), because Elite was my favourite game as a kid and I just couldn't resist. I think that's about it for now, Best wishes and fly safe, Austin G.

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