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  1. Gave this a run between YBBN and YBCS. Sounds are much better. Ran like a dream.
  2. SOLVED - Guys, Just grab the VRconfig.txt of the standard 172 copy twice and rename both the new text files : Cessna_172SPBushTW_vrconfig.txt & Cessna_172SPBush_vrconfig.txt. The only thing it won't do is you can't move the trim but all other buttons and normal movement of the yoke work.
  3. Hey guys just giving this a bump as it would be great to work out why the bush kit uses ergonomic mode over full movement considering it uses the laminar 172 a base for the mod.
  4. I have installed it on the 1.1 version and the throttle quadrant is all backwards with movement. i.e if you push the throttle forward, then it goes backwards. To make the Throttle go forward you actually make a downward movement which is counter intuitive. this problem continues for the rest of the the throttle quadrant including flaps etc.
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