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Hello ladies and gentlemen,
please, let me introduce you to my new project.

I'm going to create some scenery libraries, like MisterX's ones, but just for the natural environment. I'll explain myself better: such libraries will be mainly vegetation libraries. The vegetation cover will be dense and well-scaled, that means there won't be oversized trees and ugly sparse shrubs anymore. I want it to look as natural as possible.

The great thing is that I'm going to use the same scientific approach I'm applying to build FSE skies and clouds, so the libraries will be divided into biomes and climatic belts based on Köppen climate classification, one of the most widely used climate classification systems (first published by the climatologist Wladimir Köppen in 1884, and updated by the American geographer Glenn Thomas Trewartha in 1966).
Every biome features a wide variety of "habitats", such as lagoon wetland, grassland, shrubland, maquis, taiga forest, rivers, coast sand dunes, and many more others.




Every "habitat" is characterized by a distinct presence of herbaceous, bush-like, shrub-like or harboreal species which will be included into .for files.
So, a few .for files will define a habitat, and a few habitats will define a biome.

I can't increase detail too much for obvious memory usage and time reasons (It would take too long simply), but this should be a nice overview of what I'd like to do in the next future.
In the photo an example scheme of the "Mediterranean Biome" is shown, as well as a global Köppen climate map below.



Please, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about this new feature.

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This sounds amazing! so far X-Plane feels either a lot like Europe or the United States anywhere in the world I fly. This can be one of the first things to make that change! Good luck, sir!

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