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    I am a happy swede now This livery is very accurate and you have paid attention to detail to 100%, you really deserve 10/10 ! Love the quote "You won´t change the future by staying at home" If you could do this livery for the -700U I can´t thank you enough! Keep it up!
    My favorite aircraft for free with payware quality. The best free aircraft for XP11. Even more fun than the -800
    Very realistically done! Love your creativity on making a mix of the aircrafts! This is 100% a 10 star rating worth it! Keep it up!
  1. Hi all! I was wondering if there's a special thread where I can post my ghd set for the -700U? I link it down below here so if you are intrested you could mabe check it out! Thanks in advance! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54270-737-700u-high-capacity-ghd-set/
    Very realistic livery! Thanks for making my request! Personally this is the most beautiful livery ever done for the -700 atleast Keep it up!
  2. That’s a difficult question. The big one looks quite cool and I like it but the original new livery only has a big one on the tail. You can deside or if you want to do two versions what will you do? regards Gustaf
  3. Thank you again very much! I am exited and sorry for the inconvenience, I tried to reply on my phone and it got screwed up
  4. Ignore that my autocorrect screwed everything up, see my edited version of the post
  5. That is correct, sorry for my late answer. Could you paint the winglets with the flower like this one and also on the tail? thanks in advance!
  6. The new livery is already made (see my link). But if you want to do the old you can do it. Or mabe do my request for edelweiss https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51950-737-700u-transavia-ph-xrv-cabin/
  7. I would appreciate the Novair livery for the -700 This new livery is fictional for the 737 however they did have 737´s in the old livery so it would be nice to see the aircraft in the current livery. This is how the new livery looks like (on an a321)
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