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  1. xwave

    Hi, I like your aircraft liveries, they are so cool!

  2. Version 1.0.0


    My fifty eighth livery! This is Delta Airlines' 2015 revised livery for the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. I spent a lot of time to make this one look right, so please leave some feedback to help me improve my work Thanks to @jettojig for the paintkit and @cessnarox for the custom normal maps! Features: Accurate rendition of Delta Airlines' A320 (N361NW) Selcal code of N361NW Updated 2015 Delta livery with white belly logo Delta awards sticker next to L1 door Aircraft info: Ex-Northwest Airlines A320 Registration: N361NW Age (As of Publis
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My fifty-sixth livery! This is First Choice Airways' livery for the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate. First Choice Airways was a UK based package holiday airline which was acquired by TUI Airways in 2008. Features: Accurate rendition of G-OOAP, a First Choice Airways A320 Custom normal maps courtesy of @cessnarox Custom SELCAL code of G-OOAP Thanks to @jettojig for the awesome paintkit! Please leave a review or feedback so I can continue to improve my work. Happy Flying!
  4. Hi There,

    I would like to request a livery for the Ceiba Intercontinental 737-800 in Zibo mod. I am willing to support and donate.

    Ceiba Intercontinental 737-800.jpg

  5. Version 2.0.0


    My thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth liveries! I have packaged together with my other Alaska liveries and put them here for your convenience, while also adding a special new livery . Includes: N546AS - Alaska Air Cargo (Fictional) 737-800BCF N563AS - The first 737-800 to be painted in the new Alaska livery N585AS - Standard Alaska Airlines 2016+ livery N587AS - Alaska Airlines Sub Pop Records livery, celebrating Sub Pop Records' 30th anniversary For Zibo 3.31 and later. I will be adding more liveries to this package as time goes on so if you have any req
  6. KJO

    Aerosoft A320 Pro

    The bang for your buck, beautiful scarebus!
  7. I need to do this more too!
  8. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51987-polar-air-cargo-737-bdsf-for-737-700-ultimate/
  9. I've been trying some of the C-40 stuff out!
  10. Version 2.0.0


    My forty-eighth through fifty-first liveries! This is an Alaska Airlines livery pack the for 737-700 Ultimate. Features: N624AS: Alaska's oldest (current) livery. Although this aircraft is no longer in service...why not right? N612AS: Alaska's "Refreshed livery". N612AS currently operates in this livery N611AS: Sister-ship of 612AS, operates in Alaska's current livery N627AS: Alaska Air Cargo's first 737-700BDSF, highly recommended for inter-Alaska operations! Eyebrow windows courtesy of @MB Liveries Alaska Airlines cabin courtesy of @Jviation A
  11. They're painted, courtesy of @MB Liveries
  12. I'm doing Alaska Old and refreshed for the 738 and then I can put it on the -700
  13. Yes the trolls are very concerning and unfortunate (Colin at MilViz actually has received death threats over ATR XP). But (sharp turn here) MilViz's business plan seems to be out of whack, which in all honesty has come to bite them in the butt. While they're aircraft are extremely high fidelity, the justification of the high price tag alongside the Kickstarter was a huge mistake and an absolute PR disaster. Ultimately it's up to MilViz to see whether XP is still worth it after this.
  14. Good riddance, they are better served elsewhere. Maybe if they lower the price to say, 60 dollars, dismantle the crowdfunding, and maybe even apologize people will be less angry.
  15. Hey Ron! If you download an A320 livery (such as one from Cessnarox), and you open the objects file, you will discover a png called reg.png. This is where the selcal code and tail number are implemented (should also be found in the A320's main objects folder iirc). Hope that solves you problem!
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