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  1. KJO

    Aerosoft A320 Pro

    The bang for your buck, beautiful scarebus!
  2. They're painted, courtesy of @MB Liveries
  3. I'm doing Alaska Old and refreshed for the 738 and then I can put it on the -700
  4. Yes the trolls are very concerning and unfortunate (Colin at MilViz actually has received death threats over ATR XP). But (sharp turn here) MilViz's business plan seems to be out of whack, which in all honesty has come to bite them in the butt. While they're aircraft are extremely high fidelity, the justification of the high price tag alongside the Kickstarter was a huge mistake and an absolute PR disaster. Ultimately it's up to MilViz to see whether XP is still worth it after this.
  5. Good riddance, they are better served elsewhere. Maybe if they lower the price to say, 60 dollars, dismantle the crowdfunding, and maybe even apologize people will be less angry.
  6. Hey Ron! If you download an A320 livery (such as one from Cessnarox), and you open the objects file, you will discover a png called reg.png. This is where the selcal code and tail number are implemented (should also be found in the A320's main objects folder iirc). Hope that solves you problem!
  7. I did that one but I need to redo it
  8. I'm too lazy to attempt the dds version, but I use the png transparency by using the window reference layer in the paint kit to select, and delete all the windows in the texture.
  9. I'm sure someone who made an existing BA would be down to change the reg. to make those
  10. Quick poster (Don't get your hopes too high bout release yet :P):
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