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  1. Recently, I've been struggling to load up the 737 after I've updated the aircraft with the 3.34 update, x-plane kept quoting that the aircraft is missing an airfoil file, I've tried reinstalling and done some testing which it, and I have no problems updates that are on or before the 3.33h fix, any solution? I've attached a log.txt file and a photo regards to the problem Best regards! Log.txt
  2. Any chance we would see that green touchdown/runway bar on the PFD?
  3. This project at first was meant to be a freeware, never a study-level etc... so I don't think it's necessary to make payware, if need a fat load of cash, I can donate them with a big PayPal donation (Later...)
  4. t/o performance calculator are in great demand too?
  5. Hmmm...? Feature request: Old style MCP I don't know if this will be possible?
  6. Well well ? I started flight-simming 3 years ago, I remember that I download X-Plane 10 demo that night coz I was kinda boring ? And decided to try some new stuff other than just playing CSGO all day long? when I load into my local airport (KBUR) with the default 747, I was kinda shocked that all around the airport was just water LMAO, and at that time I have absolutely no experience or knowledge about aviation, I try to mess around and found out how to add thrust to the engines, so I decided to take off with no flaps and rotate at 100 knots, and ofc I overran and "dropped" into the water coz the runway is just 5800ft, and then I brought XP10 the next morning and decided to put effort in research about aviation knowledge, physics and to flight sim etc... my first payware was the x737? but I still manage to learn something from it and with the combination of RTH, and it looks awesome. Well, people may ask why I'm using XP11 but not FSX or P3D, the reason is similar to others, I'm using an iMac and only X-Plane support the OSX system I wasn't in the XP11 community until April 2018, coz I got no money spare for flight sim before that and my mac is like 8 yrs old(The RAM is just 8GB lmao), and there are other motivations that make me really jealous of XP11, one of which the graphics, the Zibo 737, which is obviously much better than the x737, and developers that make plugins and payware aircrafts are no longer supporting XP10, so I decided to build a new PC like others and integrated into the community of XP11, And here am I ? I don't regret it any part of it coz I know that X-Plane 11 is the future ?
  7. Feature request: T/O Performance Calculator included in the tablet?
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