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  1. Recently, I've been struggling to load up the 737 after I've updated the aircraft with the 3.34 update, x-plane kept quoting that the aircraft is missing an airfoil file, I've tried reinstalling and done some testing which it, and I have no problems updates that are on or before the 3.33h fix, any solution? I've attached a log.txt file and a photo regards to the problem Best regards! Log.txt
  2. Any chance we would see that green touchdown/runway bar on the PFD?
  3. This project at first was meant to be a freeware, never a study-level etc... so I don't think it's necessary to make payware, if need a fat load of cash, I can donate them with a big PayPal donation (Later...)
  4. t/o performance calculator are in great demand too?
  5. Hmmm...? Feature request: Old style MCP I don't know if this will be possible?
  6. Well well ? I started flight-simming 3 years ago, I remember that I download X-Plane 10 demo that night coz I was kinda boring ? And decided to try some new stuff other than just playing CSGO all day long? when I load into my local airport (KBUR) with the default 747, I was kinda shocked that all around the airport was just water LMAO, and at that time I have absolutely no experience or knowledge about aviation, I try to mess around and found out how to add thrust to the engines, so I decided to take off with no flaps and rotate at 100 knots, and ofc I overran and "dropped" into the water coz
  7. Feature request: T/O Performance Calculator included in the tablet?
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