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  1. Hi all, I have stopped working on any 737 project several months ago. I appreciate the input but I won’t change anything beyond the current state.
  2. Hello, all! I just want to say that although I have stopped working on 700 and 900 (and consequently Zibo for the time being), the projects have been inherited by what I believe very capable people. The planes are not abandoned. At this point in time, I can't say more, but you will all be properly informed by the people responsible once the time is right. Happy Flying!
  3. Hello folks, although not active in development of either the 800/700/900, I get frequent mails asking for permission to use parts of the liveries (all the stock ones that come with the 700, 800 and 900 and the downloadable ones). I just want to clarify that you can use anything in the paintkits and any part of any liveries for your 737NG livery projects. Just not for commerical purposes and a credit would be nice. Other than that please feel free to use as you see fit!
  4. Thanks, but I'm not working on the 737 anymore.
  5. No need to edit NML files or textures. These are 3D errors (not I'm not actively involved with development anymore).
  6. You will need the 737NG paint-kit for all liveries (contains paintkits for shared features like engines, tail, winglets etc.) You will need the 737-800X paintkit to paint the fuselage of the 800. You will need the 737-900X paintkit to paint the fuselage of the 900 (two paintkits because texture is containted in 2 different files). Paintkit downloads can be found here:
  7. Version 1.0.0


    73NG SERIES PAINTKITS (currently for 737-800X and 737-900, 737-700 will follow)
  8. Hello, everyone. For quite some time I've been working with the author of the fantastic Nhadrian Mod of Carenado's Cessna 152. If you don't know it, you should DEFINITELY check it out. He has enhanced and updated the original plane way beyond what it used to be (with offical permission by Carenado). The most recent version now includes a feature packed and very realistic sound scape in which we used Nhadrian's recordings directly from the plane he is flying and some of my own recordings to create what I believe is a very immersive sound experience, down to exterior flight surface checks, individual sounds for grass or tarmac/ concrete etc. Despite my very bad experiences these last months with copy cats and other unpleasant events in the community, I'm happy we can bring this to you for free. Go check it out here and send some donations Nhadrian's way. He is doing a great job and it's pure labour of love!
  9. To avoid confusion: The sounds and scripts and extra functions are already included in the downloads of the 737-800X (the "Zibo") and the spin-off 737-700 and 737-900. There is no need to download them from any extra site! Happy Flying!
  10. The 737-700U download has been updated and is available again.
  11. Hello, folks. After a lot of deliberation and procrastination I have decided today to cease my work on the different 737 projects. I will probably see the 700 update through, but after that I will dedicated more time to my job, my family and my health and finish the other projects I'm involved in. I won't go into further details in this place and at this time as to what other reasons I have for leaving. I enjoyed the time tremendously, I also suffered tremendously in various phases due to the toxicity that sometimes erupts in our niche community. I believe this is a good point in development for me to retreat as we have a couple of awesome planes that - at least in my view - can rival most payware products for X-Plane. What the planes need most is ZiboMODding to add more system depth, so my assets are now not so very crucial to development anymore. I wish you all happy flying. I will stick around here for a bit, but please refrain from contacting me in this matter. It is not a step I take lightly, but I take it very decidedly. Thank you all for your support all this time. audiobirdxp / axp
  12. A hotfix version of the 737-700U is available for download. Now would be a good time to read up on Gdrive limits . We need to upload it as a full upload instead of a addon fix, because quite a lot of things had to be changed including movement of quite a lof of files. FIX LOG: moved fuselage objects to main object folder moved cabin objects to cabin folder fixed texture paths (MacOS) fixed rudder animation (external) fixed missing rudder pedal (internal) move APU particle effects fixed bug in system code (800X and 700) changed digits to standard collins (white) (orange will be available with honeywell mcp) sound: corrected buzz fadeout at wingbox / changed mixing (might prevent sound dropout in certain door related situations)
  13. Csimms: What are you talking about??!? To the others: The problem is known, it's a bug that is only occurring in MacOS, currently reason unknown. There seems to be a workaround. Please read "bug reports" in this tab first before posting the same issue over and over again.
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