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  1. Good idea. I dont fly VATSIM but I think its doable.
  2. Pretty cool! However, we already have this asset waiting to be put into the planes. But you did a really good job there!
  3. Yes that is a thing Ive been on for quite some time. Unfortunately none of our pilots fly NGs with HUDs installed and its very very tough to find any DECENT reference shots of all parts of the HUD ( the one weve been using all this time isnt modelled properly either). I do have "blueprints" of the most common unit now and I'll try to get around to it when I can. Well also model the according panel on the center pedestal.
  4. Would you mind telling us what fixed it - there have been other issues related to yours.
  5. Hi! Can you please try the same without running ANY 3rd party plugins in your xplane and send us the log.txt so we can isolate if its a zibo problem and if it is - what might cause it. Thanks in advance ;)
  6. I havent had that yet, but I know Zibo is investigating the FMC code atm.
  7. Also, we might need the full log.txt as there are plugins that crash fmod in general (in any plane).
  8. No, the 900 will have longer intervals of updating. Nobody forces you to update (just with the Zibo), usually we try to release a version that has no game breaking bugs so you can keep flying it for some time. The 800 is special as Zibo's philosophy is to push out every micro-update, the community being alpha and beta testers. From an organizing point of view, we can't do that for (soon) 3 planes, so the 800 stays the petri dish that cultivates new assets and the others get longer update intervals. Tbh, I don't know how exactly the 900 and 700 are going to go ahead in the future. Personally, I prefer a much longer update cycle, but both approaches have their benefits.
  9. 737-900 1901 BETA RELEASE: Quick release notes: changes are identical to 737-800 current version regarding systems, cockpit elements etc. (please see 737-800 change notes for details) fixed / updated winglet/tail/satcom mapping to be exactly the same as in 737-800 & 737-700 touched up a few liveries better PBR for United belly updated CFG files for all stock liveries included liveries in download (no extra download anymore) added SELCAL plates for all stock liveries added "documentation" folder with (partially outdated) manual PDF & info chart about how to best use preset views (also see short article on Threshold HERE ) Downloads for paint-kits are available in PAINT-KITS and aircraft are available in DOWNLOADS. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT BUGS! (yet) We are very probably aware of them (livery details, cabin). Everything even remotely to do with systems, cockpit and audio, please report for 737-800 (because it’s the same systems under the hood).
  10. We provide preset views with the stock "prefs" files that you can use if you want to. Before overwriting or deleting, give it a try. In the new documentations folder that will be part of the installations of all 737NGs from now on you will find the following chart in which I tried to outline the approach behind the preset views. Basically, it assumes you use the NUMPAD keys for the most often used views and ALT + NUMPAD for the more special views. Which key triggers what entirely depends on your personal setup (XPlane Menu > KEYBOARD or JOYSTICK). The chart shows you which views are stored into which slots (in the keyboard menu, the entries are called "Go to save camera position #...") and how I set them up on my system. My approach is to have my num pad mimic the views' directions, so e.g. 1 is left 2 straight ahead and 3 right side views. 5 is views up (overhead) etc. If that's not for you, don't waste your time on it Here's the chart. If you're interested, take a moment to study it. Happy Flying, AXP
  11. Yes, I've been wanting to do that but it was never high priority. It will be enhanced more I've set up more items that you can currently see.
  12. Just a quick heads-up: The "core liveries" download has been removed, these liveries will be included in the 737-900 download of version 1901 and later.
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