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  1. The 737-700U download has been updated and is available again.
  2. Hello, folks. After a lot of deliberation and procrastination I have decided today to cease my work on the different 737 projects. I will probably see the 700 update through, but after that I will dedicated more time to my job, my family and my health and finish the other projects I'm involved in. I won't go into further details in this place and at this time as to what other reasons I have for leaving. I enjoyed the time tremendously, I also suffered tremendously in various phases due to the toxicity that sometimes erupts in our niche community. I believe this is a good point in development for me to retreat as we have a couple of awesome planes that - at least in my view - can rival most payware products for X-Plane. What the planes need most is ZiboMODding to add more system depth, so my assets are now not so very crucial to development anymore. I wish you all happy flying. I will stick around here for a bit, but please refrain from contacting me in this matter. It is not a step I take lightly, but I take it very decidedly. Thank you all for your support all this time. audiobirdxp / axp
  3. A hotfix version of the 737-700U is available for download. Now would be a good time to read up on Gdrive limits . We need to upload it as a full upload instead of a addon fix, because quite a lot of things had to be changed including movement of quite a lof of files. FIX LOG: moved fuselage objects to main object folder moved cabin objects to cabin folder fixed texture paths (MacOS) fixed rudder animation (external) fixed missing rudder pedal (internal) move APU particle effects fixed bug in system code (800X and 700) changed digits to standard collins (white) (orange will be available with honeywell mcp) sound: corrected buzz fadeout at wingbox / changed mixing (might prevent sound dropout in certain door related situations)
  4. Csimms: What are you talking about??!? To the others: The problem is known, it's a bug that is only occurring in MacOS, currently reason unknown. There seems to be a workaround. Please read "bug reports" in this tab first before posting the same issue over and over again.
  5. Thanks for reporting bugs. We'll go through it one by one. Please remember as with the 800X, we are all beta testers here ;). For future bug reports, please stick to the usual way of reporting (see 900 bug thread). At least I need to know if you run Windows or MacOS and don't report bugs if you are using a beta version of Xplane. Also always disable all Flywithlua scripts (some of these have a tendency to break stuff. I use 1 script to change shadows and XPRealistic, both of which work well).
  6. audiobirdxp


    Version 04-28-2019


    737-700U DOWNLOAD ___________________________________________ Please make sure to read README.TXT and the terms of use / license agreement before installing. Happy Flying! For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.
  7. All paint-kits can be found HERE. You will need the 737NG paint-kit for all liveries (contains paintkits for shared features like engines, tail, winglets etc.) The paint-kits for 737-900U and 737-800X only contain paintkits for the specific fuselage of these types.
  8. Please note that all paintkits and the 900 livery pack will be relocated in the next few days and that they will be packed together, abandoning the single download system. They may be unavailale for a few days.
  9. Hello, friends! The 737-700U will release this weekend. It is far from finished and also not exactly where we would like it to be on initial release. We figured that there is no real reason though to keep the lid on it any longer: The parts we are not happy with are not very likely to be replaced very soon and the plane is flyable. Hence there will be a public release sometime this weekend. Change logs and more will follow. Very superficial change-log: For all systems related updates - these are the same as in the 737-800X. Many subtle and a few less subtle changes to sounds, also specifically edited for the 737-700 (e.g. liftoff, engine, on/off-load, behind wingbox), exterior/far/flyby/buzz completely new textures for the whole main panel (fwd instrument panel), throttle quadrant, trim wheels, new FMC, overhead 2 incl. full PBR - correction of right tiller smaller edits to cockpit textures / PBR (e.g. first aid kit) new fuselage textures, new fuselage PBR, new paint-kit (not finished nor published yet) edited wing & winglet PBR and textures incl. a few corrections (leading edge) changed MCP displays to old-style orange added liveries: SAS, United, Delta (with and without belly logo), SWA, TUI (Belgium & Germany) - added ASU model & sounds - added new decals on fuselage (apu drain, water drain) added ASU model (by Jorge aka cloudybox), added ASU sounds, added ASU icons Known issues - do NOT report, please: cabin very rough around the edges and having a few gaps here and there - this has not been worked on for quite some time. It is not advised to develop interior liveries for this just yet. shading errors (3D, not texture related) on external fuselage floating mystery window (R AFT service entry) (cannot be seen from all angles) overhead not entirely old school 700 (in progress) Standard view setup in stock preference files: This is not new, just a reminder: The "documents" folder contains an image outline the standard views as they are set up on download. It may be worth to check it out before overwriting Here are a few shots of the liveries available with the download. On release, there will be lots of 3rd party liveries available as well (which may not be 100% up-to-date on release but certainly good to go, anyway).
  10. You either save as a .png. In that case make sure to save with transparency, use the provided alpha channel as transp. source and check the option clean transpatency when using superpng plugin which I recommend. Same procedure for dds. Use nvidias dds plugin if you can. If not make sure you save as dxt 5 with alpha transp.
  11. Operation "remove the tail strike indicator" successful. Also check out Departure Design's super immersive KBWI used in this screenshot: (Threshold article: https://www.thresholdx.net/news/ddkbwi | Shop link: https://verticalsims.com/shop/payware/kbwi-baltimore-international-airport-v1-0-departure-designs/ )
  12. Compiling a version for the inner circle at the moment, and one object is giving us a bit of a headache. But it's looking good in terms of more material and streams available in the next couple of days. I know you are all Southwest addicts, but still one more United teaser here: Also a little shot that shows some of the cockpit elements that differ from 700 to 800 and 900, like the yoke. You can also see a bit of the cockpit parts that have been changed. Finally all objects in the cockpit have been at least partially re-done (in comparison to the textures we started off with) and have received PBR and dozen little things like repairs and resizes etc. Also, Europe is not forgotten A version that can be released to the public is NOT ready yet, but we keep closing in. Happy Flying!
  13. The little rocket is alive and kicking - just preparing a test version for a small group with Zibo, ironing out a few dealbreaker bugs on the 2k version. Expect more pics, change logs and streams in the coming days. Here's a little teaser:
  14. Good idea. I dont fly VATSIM but I think its doable.
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