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  1. Ok so I got Throttle and Mixture working but props are no good. When I move both, leftprop goes up and rightprop goes down. Any ideas?
  2. Hey all, I am new here and x-plane in VR. I run an Samsung Odyssey Plus and I have a pretty good rig. Frames are up and down as we all know and surely love. I set up VATSIM yesterday and I am working on modding some of the aircraft for VR to get things right. That is how I found this place. All good fun to try and solve problems. I have had VR headsets for about 7 years. Started with the good brick on the face Oculus DK1, DK2 then CV1 but I skipped HTC. Currently I like WMR O+, the screen is pretty damn good for now. I am building a panel for xplane of a cessna 172 and maybe a twin comanche down the road. It is all wood bits and used parts right now but I will be lasercutting the panels soon. My switches, encoders and pots all work now so that is cool. Also I bought captoglove VR gloves to see if I can make em work but I haven't got the additonal sensors yet. My home airport is Abbotsford BC Canada CYXX and I want to fly the island air express routes in a PA31 from Carenado for fun. I won't ever fly cause of medical reasons but I love simming. I know people in different parts of aviation so it is my fun. I do infrequently stream on a twitch channel as BadivanBad and I am all set up with discord and whatnot. That is not a shameless plug for followers, I just use it for company when I play games cause I mutter to myself anyways while I play. I also use it to show some of my progress to family and friends online. So that is what I am up to...Say hi anytime. I am on the Threshold Discord channel now so maybe I will see some of you all around. BadivanBad A Nerd without A Bird
  3. I am trying people hear this alot I am working on fixing the Throttle Prop and Mixture on the Carenado PA31 they don't move together properly in VR. The Datarefs for Corenado are different. I have watched the videos on youtube and they are super helpful (thanks Joe_k). There are still issues while I work with it. Remember I am a noob at all this but I am not afraid of notepad++ or AC3D. Would anyone be willing to chat on Discord or I can livestream the issues I am dealing with? If anyone is good at this stuff and doesn't mind lending me a hand I would greatly appreciate it. I am happy to share any fixes as I make em. I am new to the forum, an you all will probably see me around. I am hooked on VR and would like these planes to work right. Thanks, BadivanBad
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