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Turboprop mods

1 file

  1. BadivanBad_VR_FIX_2.0_C90B_cockpit

    Hi all,
    After too much time learning about fixing aircraft for VR (thanks simvrlabs) I updated the King Air C90B so that you can use the controller to move both prop and mixture levers together. If you use controllers to control the throttle quadrant, I am sure you have noticed that in many planes they don't move together. You can just move left and right individually.
    I think I have fixed it so you can move both and left or right. If any of you all want to give it a test I would appreciate it.
    **When I export from ACDC I think I have double entries in the file and other weird things going on. I am new so I will keep playing around. If anyone has some input into how I can improve the file I would really appreciate it. So far it all works though. (I think)**
    Install (I know everyone knows how to do this but....make a backup!)
    Step 1
    Make a new folder in the x-plane aircraft folder called "modded" eg.
    Step 2
    Copy/paste the original King Air Aircraft into the new modded sub-directory 
    Copy \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\KingAir C90B\
    Paste \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\MODDED\KingAir C90\
    Step 3
    Download the attached file 
    Unzip and overwrite to \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\MODDED\KingAir C90\
    To choose the modded King Air in the X-plane Flight Config, you can see which is the modded version by hitting the "Customize" and checking the "File Path". 
    Have a test and let me know. 
    Just a note. I contacted Carenado about sharing the .OBJ and they said it was fine.
    Happy flying,
    Find me on Twitch Mixer or Youtube, just search BadivanBad


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