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  1. It’s great - DGS signs and jetways for airliners and marshallers for FBO ramps. Thanks! Looking forward to the expanded object library :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just thought I’d point out - in case someone else hadn’t thought to try it - that the SAM marshaller works perfectly well with bizjets, small GA planes, and even taildraggers! Unlike with autogate (not to bash it, it’s just outdated) we can have marshallers at smaller towered airports and even GA untowered fields. Can’t wait to add them to some Signature and Horizon ramps! :-)
  3. The FFA320 uses custom data refs for the beacon, so SAM can’t see it turn off and connect automatically. If you disable automatic connect in the SAM you can click the button and the gate will connect to the FFA320 perfectly well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Heh... me too... But I'm an EOS guy. I'd recognize those executor buttons / faders anywhere though.
  5. Go to the override button and click it, then use the slider to run through the animation. This combined with the distance filter makes it pretty fast to identify a marshaller or a docking signpost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've not had an issue with the FMT signs - they've always shown the time after I dock and shutdown.
  7. Alright, here's another one I'm working on some gates at PAJN and the 'attached' position of the jetway has decided to have a rotate 2 value of 272. It wasn't connecting at all (because the limit was 88), but after setting a limit of 300 the cabin of the jetway rotated through itself to get to the 272 degrees. I had to set the start position to be 300 degrees, so that it wouldn't spin all the way around. It works, and looks ok, but it seems like that shouldn't be. Why would the plugin decide that the docked position should be 272, and not -88? (Yes, I set the lower limit to allow a value of -88 )
    Fantastic plugin. I'm really looking forward to seeing what our developers can do with easy access to scenery-based datarefs!
  8. Success! Everything is working perfectly now!! I guess this means that I'm using a jetway that's too tall for the small aircraft trying to dock. But I needed the height to mesh well with the structure of the terminal building. I'll be sure to keep a closer look at the limits in the future. Thanks again!
  9. Yes, I always check that the button is set correctly. But even so it doesn’t work even after a fresh sim restart. What I can’t figure out is why everything works at one airport, and doesn’t work at another. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ok @Marten@Stairport now I'm having all kinds of trouble... I was able to create an airport using jetways and docking guides, and could connect without an issue. However, I'm working on another airport, and I believe I have everything setup correctly, and i can't get even the default 737-800 to connect. The DGS poles work well, but even with the LR aircraft I can't make the jetways connect with the plane, in automatic or in manual mode. Using the SAM config menu I can force the jetways to attach, and all the settings look good. However, when using the plugins, nothing happens. I have done a clean install of the plugin, using a fresh download, and re-built the SAM config for the airport from scratch. Help! I've attached my log.txt, the SAM.log, and the sam file in the airport folder. Thanks! Log.txt SAM.log sam.xml
  11. No custom jetways, just using the library that comes with the plugin. I forget which aircraft, but I noticed that the forward edge of the jetway was clipping into the aircraft door in the open position. It’s not a big deal, just me being super picky - I’ll leave well enough alone now. Thanks again!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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