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    HI I was playing around with the avitab trying to get used to it, when I pressed on somthing and it was then on the screen no longer in the cockpit, it worked realy well and showed me the area I live in, problem is I do not know how I mannaged to do this can anyone help please
  2. Hi All I first started with Flight sims on Microsoft FS when it came on 7 3inch floppy disks, slowly building up till Microsoft stopped supporting it, I then gave up till two years ago my son bought me a large comp and a Flight sim XP11 which is a world away from the early days, I joined Threshold early this year but had to stop sitting at a computer, I have some medical problems but at present they seem to be quite so I have returned I missed Threshold such friendly people any one will help if they can so pleased I found you all looking forward to getting to know a few new friends Mochafd
  3. Hi Mathesosn Than you for your very honest reply, I thought it could not be as easy as it says, I will leave this one alone. regards Mochafd
  4. Hi I will be very grateful if any one can inform me in simple plane english how to put Avitab into a Cockpit, I know I am getting ready for St. Peters Call but before I go i would love to be able to follow my flight either as a moving map in a window on the screen or even on y Samsung tablet, when I read the instructuons that I have from the download, I might as well tip a can of veg soup out and read that. All I can do for now is sit here in Hevens waiting rom watching the grass grow. and dream of following a flight and know where I am. Thank you for reading this. Mochafd
  5. I have a free copyand also a paid for version both do the same thing they stit there lookig at me saying you got now you find how to make me work so Question 1 where do I put it please Question 2 will have to go in an particular order with other files Question 3 why can I not find Install instruction a lot of people seem to be having similar product problems I knew I should have been a Heart surgen, nopt a wanabe Pilot.
  6. Please tell he how to send a P.M. to a member
  7. Hi Alex I would give a thought to get your members to join a club with in three months or pay a subsription as one of the primary conditions of beeing able to take part in this group. From what I have see most of your members are very helpfull in the way they encurage others.
  8. I find the hardest thing is that when you are browsing its being like a child in sweet shop we do not now where to look then we get carried away going down a different route to he one we started on. But still a fantastic site and a credit to the forum. please keep up the good work and either join a club or lose out on a better experience Regards Mochafd
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