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    I have no words to express my joy, thank you so much.
  1. Thanks for the response audiobird! Keep Up The Great Work!
  2. Huh, this is neat! I made a post back in October asking about different cockpit variations depending on the airline/config. Then I loaded up 3.33f for a chill Caribbean flight and see some neat little stickers and not the same old cockpit with the same things in it Is this the development on the cockpit variation I had mentioned back in October? Hope to get an answer and glad to some new textures and a different look.
  3. Ello!, I was and still hoping to see cockpit variations in the zibo (I do not know the terms) Just different cockpits depending on the airlines The differences are very minor but would love to see some development on them or just an official announcement of what you guys are gonna do ?
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