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  1. I don't think you've set the kill data refs correctly, check them again, compare to the data refs to toliss kill data refs on their leaps.
  2. Check REM Club Check plane maker/manual you've probably put incorrect coordinate in plane maker. Not sure what you mean by this, it works for me in Photoshop.
  3. that is correct the engines are separated in to separate images per engine they also use .dds now rather than .png.
  4. So I put together a few images of the Engine Liveries I will be including in the pack (Engine textures only)
  5. No REM for Zibo, nor should there be with LevelUp 737 Series coming around the corner.
  6. Check the order of the Objects in plane maker, sounds like its incorrect.
  7. So I have few more updates on my WIP, I've gone in and updated some textures/fixed the bottom of the cowling and add in some decals to the cowling, got few more to do but minor ones in comparison here is some images!
  8. Hi All, Welcome to the new REM page, I wanted to welcome you all by showing you a WIP on the next engines currently in production, this are the PW4000-100 Engines for the JAR330; Let me know your thoughts on them, this are little older so there are some minor changes made already to the intake and fans.
  9. Yo All, I've pinned a topic for you guys to post a suggestion of what engine you'd like to see made and for what bird and I'll consider that model/aircraft. Please don't include A350 engine as I've had to scratch that off due to it having wing/engine flex that may make it impossible to replace.
  10. Hi All, I wanted to put a thread up for all of you to post in your custom liveries that include any of the REM Engines, I will then put them in an order on the main page here; GE CF6 E1 - JAR330; GE CF6 C2 - FF767; CFM LEAP 1A; Toliss A321 Europe Easyjet: https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/1325-easyjet-europe-fleet-toliss-a321neo/ Toliss A321 UK Easyjet: https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/1310-easyjet-uk-fleet-toliss-a321neo/ Toliss A321 BA Fleet: https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/1313-british-airways-fleet-toliss-a321neo/ Toliss A3
  11. That one is my own I made, Its not been released, plus its based of someone else's work I wouldn't want to release with out permission.
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