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  1. Green Button? If its the Green texture over all the panels in the FF etc, then its most likely because you've changed the name of the .acf has to be a320.acf or you have changed the description in the Author panel, the only part of the author panel you can change is the XP UI name, the first text box at the top, the rest will cause issues.
  2. Not to my knowledge, it might be the order in which the particles.obj is in plane maker, putting it last might help beyond that its an xplane issue. As for the LEAP-Particles.obj you are looking in the wrong folder the leap particles is in the LEAP Engines folder.
  3. The blur infront of the engine is an xplane issue not related to the engines. you can also see it infront of the wings some times. As for the Particle object its there;
  4. Can you send me a picture of you GE Engine objects folder, can you also tell me if you are using a particular livery?
  5. To switch between the 2 would require some new datarefs and work to do, its possible to do with lua but I'm not much of a coder lol.
  6. Hmm Can you do the same for your base object folder, showing me a image of your object folder showing the LEAP engines folder and inside the LEAP folder in the base objects folder.
  7. Ok I found an issue with the Fast N1 animations I'll put a fix up shortly.
  8. Not currently no, possibly when the NEO Performance pack from Toliss comes out, but not currently nope.
  9. Can you post a picture of you livery objects folder and the engine textures for the liveries in their folders.
  10. I'll have a look, I'll need to install the 2K variant and test.
  11. Yeap try the fix I uploaded, if you've already downloaded it download it again, I missed the N1 blade normal was also had the same bug.
  12. Can you post a picture or a video of what you are seeing? (I also found a bug with the 2K normal, download the 2K Normal Fix I have uploaded)
  13. The positioning of the Engines on the wing to show the orange ring around the top of the Pylon like the real engines, I won't be changing the coordinates in the manual I spend a fair amount of time trying to position the engines correct, but if you wish to change the position that is up to you.
  14. Version 1.2.0


    I Present to you all the Pratt & Whitney 1100-G Engine for the FFA320, Toliss A319 and A321 ------------------------------------ Fully Animated Interior/Exterior Reverse's with Custom Particles in icing conditions and reverse thrust particle effects. This has 2 types of quality texturing, it has a High Quality texture mode - 4K Textures, and a lower quality 2K Texture Mod. Installation of this mode is not for the faint of heart'd, if you don't have much experience with mods, please be warned. Read Manual for more information. Paint Kit is available as a separate download, this is only a PS Users version, if there is a requirement for others I will see what I can do. I will advise this engine is an approximate modelling/texturing of the PW Engines, I in no way advise this is a like for like model of the PW1100G engine. Enjoy and leave a comment. ------------------------------------ If you do feel the need to send any donations, it is not a requirement but its appreciated. PayPal Link here: PayPal Link Quick Comment - IIf you are trying to do liveries make sure that you are placing the new engine texture in to the correct folder with in your livery, the directory of the livery has to match the directory of the default objects folder, if the PW Engines basic texture is in the objects/PW Engines folder in the default directory for the FFA320/Toliss319/321, you need to make sure its in there same folder name with in the livery/objects/ directory, otherwise it will not override. This is a Visual Mod only, there is no change to performance in this mod, you will still get the same performance you would using the CFM/IAE Engines, If your using the Toliss with this mod, I would suggest making sure it is set to CFM not IAE so you will get the "N1" on the ECAM rather than the "EPR" Previously Known Issues 1) Bug related to the 2K Version Normal for all 3 Mods, if you are experiencing issues with, very shiny cowling and engines and you are using the Normal, Please down load the Fix File. I will update the main mod packs on my next update. (THIS IS ONLY 2K VERSION, IF YOU ARE USING 4K THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU) ---- Video Preview;
  15. Not sure how I can help, the mod is visual only, it should have no impact on functionality of the plane, the only areas I could see there being issues if you rename the acf file or some of the author panel, I've seen function break when doing that other than that everything else is just object modding which won't affect functionality.
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