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  1. Looks fine to me, its using the Wobbly Ball Nosecone Decal it will be off centre.
  2. Are you referring to the particles overlapping? I've seen that happen on other planes too, not sure why might be an xplane bug buts not the first time I've seen particles do that. Probably nothing you've done wrong on the mod install so long as you've not changed the coordinates for the particles that were included in Plane Maker.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I Present to you all the General Electric CF680C2-B6F Engine Replacement for the FlightFactor 767 ------------------------------------ Fully Animated Interior/Exterior Reverse's, Engine Flex Animations with Custom Particles and reverse thrust particle effects. Created using the new DDS format for 11.50 - only 1 version of Texture Size - 4K Installation of this mode is not for the faint of hearted, if you don't have much experience with mods, please be warned. Read Manual for more information. Paint Kit is available as a separate download, this is only a PS Us
  4. Looks like a problem with plane maker rather than the mod, looks like some graphical issue thats making the aircraft reference drop down larger than it should be putting it over the 3rd coordinate. Not something i've ever seen before or know how to fix.
  5. Not currently, something I will look in to in the future.
  6. Looks like you have the incorrect coordinates set up for the right engine, might want to check plane maker.
  7. Re-check which files you are adding in to Plane Maker, there was old files left in the Particles Folder that should not be there, I have removed from the ZIP file, there should be only the GE-Particle files in the Particles Folder. Make sure to only add the "GE Engines/GE Engine N1" Objects from the GE Engines Folder.
  8. You are using old Engine textures on your livery, the textures were updated in 1.1.0 to help painters paint on the engines properly. You may want to get in contact with the livery maker and get them to update their engine livery.
  9. I have had that conversation before with some one on the A321, it looks small because the suspension of the A321 is not correct under weight it is higher off the ground giving that smaller look, than it would be in real life, if you look an the FFA320 it looks perfectly placed as the suspension is correct.
  10. That is true to life. The Bump on the side is the same placement on both engines.
  11. Green Button? If its the Green texture over all the panels in the FF etc, then its most likely because you've changed the name of the .acf has to be a320.acf or you have changed the description in the Author panel, the only part of the author panel you can change is the XP UI name, the first text box at the top, the rest will cause issues.
  12. Not to my knowledge, it might be the order in which the particles.obj is in plane maker, putting it last might help beyond that its an xplane issue. As for the LEAP-Particles.obj you are looking in the wrong folder the leap particles is in the LEAP Engines folder.
  13. The blur infront of the engine is an xplane issue not related to the engines. you can also see it infront of the wings some times. As for the Particle object its there;
  14. Can you send me a picture of you GE Engine objects folder, can you also tell me if you are using a particular livery?
  15. To switch between the 2 would require some new datarefs and work to do, its possible to do with lua but I'm not much of a coder lol.
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