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  1. If you don't see the pop up maybe sounds like a plane issue maybe try reinstalling the plane from scratch? Avtiab doesn't change the engines - you are talking about EFB. But in any circumstance there is something you've missed in the install of the engine.
  2. I think you need to go and redo the ACF for that and closely check the manual, you have not done it correctly.
  3. They incorporate my engine yes, whether the paints work on the engines I don't know.
  4. It does not this is only the engine, if you want sharklets, you can go and look at the Matavia mod.
  5. No Wrong engine for the 767 - 767 has the RB211-524 not 535 there are differences.
  6. Are you sure you're selecting RBs in the selection window upon load up?
  7. you probably have the objects in the wrong order in plane maker, make sure they match the order shown in the screenshot in the manual.
  8. One day it will be updated, the cowling and blades do need to be redone, I agree this was a mod made from the A330 GE engines both of which are hold and could do with an update.
  9. No point with Xplane NG around the corner with a better looking 330 with RRs.
  10. Probably not any due to that very reason.
  11. sounds like you didn't do the kill data refs correctly, recheck them and compare to the manual screenshot. Look for spaces you may have included.
  12. Aye looks like you've not edited some objects correct - starting fresh can help or you can review your objects. Make sure you've edited them correctly.
  13. FF need to bring out V2 before I look at any mods for the 777. Not worth for its current state.
  14. Folder structure of the livery has to match the base objects folder - the objects/textures in the base object folder is in 757/RB211/ ... I'll let you do the rest of the math on that.
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