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  1. PW is on the list of engines to make, RR is already there, the JAR one, so its not high on my list of engines.
  2. Ok so further investigation this is a bug, the MISC_2.obj contains some cabin that gets deleted, I am going to be updating the manual to fix this, there will be some requirement to do further editing to the MISC_2.obj file.
  3. I doubt this is a problem with my mod, I'd suggest getting a fresh copy of JAR330, install it, load it up put in your serial, reload the plane check everything is working, then make a copy of that new install and reinstall the engines see whether you get the same issue.
  4. Ah I think you've put the N1 fans in the wrong order, they need to be in front of the Engine Objects, make sure the order of objects matches my image in the manual.
  5. Can you be more specific I don't see what your issue is?
  6. it is on the future list! Not sure what you mean by that but looks like you've not installed it correctly.
  7. There is a paint kit in the Zip, in the paintkit there are some colours/logos layers which you can turn on to make the textures like the images above you can turn them on and save the engine texture.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    I Present to you all the GE CF6 80E1 Engines for the JAR 330 ------------------------------------ Fully Animated Interior/Exterior Reverse's with Custom Particles in icing conditions. This is a High Quality texture mode - 4K Textures. Installation of this mode is not for the faint of heart'd, if you don't have much experience with mods and editing object files, please be warned. Read Manual for more information. Paint Kit has been included in the zip file, this is only a PS Users version, if there is a requirement for others I will see what I can do. I will advise this engine is an approximate modelling/texturing of the GE Engines, I in no way advise this is a like for like model of the GE CF6-80E1 engine. Enjoy and leave a comment. ------------------------------------ If you do feel the need to send any donations, it is not a requirement but its appreciated. PayPal Link here: PayPal Link Quick Comment - If you are trying to do liveries make sure that you are placing the new engine texture in to the correct folder with in your livery, the directory of the livery has to match the directory of the default objects folder, if the GE Engines basic texture is in the objects/GE Engines folder in the default directory for the JAR330, you need to make sure its in there same folder name with in the livery/objects/ directory, otherwise it will not override. This is a Visual Mod only, there is no change to performance in this mod, you will still get the same performance you would using the RR Engines and you will still see "EPR" on the ECAM Previously Known Issues 1) The Old version removes the "MISC_2.obj" this removes part of the cabin, I have updated the version and updating the Manual to fix this issue, there will be some further Object Editing in text editor required. ------ Looking for more engine textures? check out the below link; https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/tags/ge mod/ Thanks; @Julien14 ---- Video Preview;


  9. This still doesn't seem to work still I updated with the fix but I get random events now where I see the log; "Error reading file from server." and no weather.
  10. Ok super odd it started syncing again when I got to my arrival airport.. odd. I had updated the patch that was suppose to fix the issues with connection to xenviro servers, unless there was a newer newer patch.
  11. I was doing some flights and in the Zibo I noticed an issue with the QNH that all the weather was reporting even xEnviro and what was showing up in the PFD. Zibo gives you like a orange floor which usually the QNHs sits on or above. I noticed I was way below it even though the QNH was correctly set. I opened up Xplanes settings and could see it was set at 1015 not 1008 which is what it said the QNH was in the weather briefing I know there was issues syncing weather with xplane but I assume that was only weather not the QNH/Altimeter as that is going to cause some issues with landing etc? That a new bug? I don't remember having this issue before just recently. xEnviroLog.txt
  12. So I wanted to start this off by saying awesome job, love the program, and I know there is issues but I was curious about some odd cloud cover I was seeing, wondered whether this was an known issue or not; Seems little box'd shaped cloud cover, its a bit weird.
  13. sometimes.. I really have to look at a photo twice... someshots are just like... is that real?
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