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  1. Can someone prescribe a prophylactic ban to a respected person?
  2. We all understand that this is difficult, we are adequate people. Especially when you're a busy person like Peter. But heck, it's kind of a shame when you find out that the project was canceled somewhere in Discord. This is similar to the 777 curse that started with XPJets. And at that moment it was incredibly sad, and even now it is no less.
  3. Wow, really? I hope it will also be with 1.14.
  4. Ah, once upon a time on facebook (2016)... Somebody still waiting or only me so naive?)
  5. Well, you need to increase the number of information sources. Then a lot of questions will disappear by themselves. Peter is officially in the YesAviation team and is working on the 747. All this information can be found in the discord. There he also said that the 777 was stopped, but not canceled or deleted. He's thinking about opening the 777 code, but since he found the command, I think it's only a matter of time before 777 is realised. P.S. I just pass some information from these same sources, sometimes clarifying and confirming, sometimes not. Whether you believe me or not is up to y
  6. The project is officially stopped. What news can there be?
  7. I think it's time to clarify some points. Most importantly - according to him, he, to put it mildly, suspended work on the project. He talked about what he thought about opening the code 777, so that the community itself eventually developed it as Zibo 737. Also, it should be added that at the moment Peter works as a 3D modeller in YesAviation 747 (cheers, 747 from Peter, I think, will be at the level). In theory, there's a chance of ever seeing a YesAviation 777.
  8. There is another one.(FF update their 777 to v.2 with ultra realistic modelling with real ingener)
  9. I'll say for him: Peter is very busy at the moment with exams, also, according to his Facebook page, he opened his own business. Also, he did not confirm the cancellation of the project.
  10. Today I saw this beaty. So hope to see clouds in X-Plane like this... .
  11. Hi, Peter! The other day I heard some nonsense that you think to cancel The B777 project because FF777 v2 is not far off. I think it's really stupid, but this phrase left me a little bitter and sad residue. There's no way I'm whining about you releasing this miracle right now, just because I want to. NO! Do what you need to do when you need to do it, but please don't think about canceling the project. Don't let as XPJets again. I think you, like me, understand what a long wait, and then such a disappointment, given the fact that sim keep me only because you work (before PMDG in FSX a
  12. Really, the last screenshot looks like real shot from quadcopter.
  13. Sorry for the impatience, but I would like to know how the work on the systems is going?
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