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  1. Sorry for the impatience, but I would like to know how the work on the systems is going?
  2. Peter, you made my day! It's just a magic.
  3. How's the process, Peter? If you need, I can try to find quality photos of the cockpit 777 from my colleagues.
  4. As far as I understand, the stage of building a dynamic atmosphere (for real calculations) is completed or is at the final stage. But personally I don't see much difference between the colors of the sky with 1.08 or now. I do not know, maybe I misunderstood you, but I thought that the sky will be calculated from real data, and therefore will have the most approximate view of reality. If you haven't used this "technology" yet, say so.
  5. That is why I pointed several times at the evening winter sky on a clear day, that on these screenshots and shown.
  6. I know that you do the colors of the sky by real calculations, but as a resident of the Moscow region I can say (and not only on my own behalf, but from familiar photographers and sky lovers) that the evening sky in winter certainly does not look like in the screenshot. Yes, it's VIP, but I just simply suggest first of all to listen to the opinions of other people (what you don't like how it turned out before when I've been writing about the color of the sky) or to see the SKY in person! NO camera will not give real colors, and the eyes of all people see everything differently, but the truth will remain true. The evening sky in winter doesn't look like the sky from Mars (sorry if it's hard for you to listen). It looks exactly like the pictures above. P.S. I do not want to hear about the types of cameras and the characteristics of the photoreceptor of the eye. It's your job to do what you want, but I don't understand why you think the blue-pistachio-gray color of the sky is real.This sky is, but not without clouds and haze.The clean clear the sky blue (here is here already debate - foolish).
  7. Very good news,thank you,Peter!? Interesting,who will continue modelling the cockpit?
  8. Okay, dispute is useless.I just expressed my opinion (although,to be honest, I heard it from other people as well). And the bugs were related to performance and sometimes crashes.(don't say my hands are crooked)
  9. So and is done, but there is(were in 1.08-09) some bugs with these programs. By me,natural sky looks more blue(like 1.06 sky). Cheers
  10. ? A small request,I think many will support me - add more colorful(blue) to sky.?
  11. Wait, every day, new colors in the atmosphere?Am I right?This is unbelievable! p.s. Thx to google translate.(I'm russian?)
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