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about install liveries


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Hi,i just suppossed to create a liveries folder inside levelup base main folder and copy all the liveries from this forum to the levelup 737 liveries recent created folder.

It seems the fusselage is ok displayed but the tail and the engines textures not at all,in all liveries donwloaded shows default levelup colours on tails and engines.

Any light?.




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Seeing the tutorial i made all the process in the correct way,but still no seeing tail and engines.

I´d installed a Qantas livery rencently update from x-plane.org and seems correctly!.

The difference is that there is no DDS textures only PNG and it shows correctly.

Any light on this?

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Yeah, it's the same for me. Some liveries works completely fine, and some have problems with the tail. For me Air Berlin, Eurowings, Ryanair, Hamburg Airlines all have the same Tail problem. The new Alaska Airlines Package is working fine. Also easyJet and United. I have no clue about the mistake. I am sure it is not a fault from us. Because the installation is all the same. Maybe it's just a little filename or adjustment. I hope, a Painter, who have create such a livery can help us. 

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Yes,that made the trick.

Now it shows tail and engines well painted....

But still some issues under the wing pylons

It seems a very small issue with the painter when making the liveries.

But anyway great work from atarium!!!


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