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Threshold LevelUp



Brand new textures inside and out. Reimagined cabins. Modular Architecture with the smallest aircraft family package in X-Plane. And the full power of ZiboMod.


Everything and More - in Four

This is a new generation of freeware 737 Next Generation Aircraft, the ultimate successor to the 737 Ultimate Project. A faithful expansion from the default 737, combined with the power of Zibo systems.

LevelUp 737 brings incredible visuals, sounds, and flight dynamics to each and every fuselage variant, now coming in four different fuselage lengths.


Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow


For the first time ever, we're bringing the entire 5 member family of 737 NG aircraft to X-Plane. From the extended -900 and -900ER, to the stouty workhorse of a plane; the -600, with the -700 and -800 wedged in the middle of the family. There's now a size for everyone.



Approaching Minimums

The 737NG Series leads with one of the smallest filesize ever for a family of airplanes.

Across every metric, in both Archived and Unzipped - The entire 5 member core family of the 737 Next Generation sits in a folder that weighs a fraction of the previous generation 737 Ultimate aircraft.




All New, Inside and Out





The 737NG is a visual delight, featuring a completely retextured and model optimised from the ground up. 


Leather looks like leather, fabric and fur looks soft and cozy, and the hard panels in the cockpit looks cold to the touch. There's more customisable options inside and out. Fly the latest iteration of an NG aircraft with Split Scimitar Winglets and the Performance Improvement Package. Or go Old School with bare wingtips.




The new CornUI is a comprehensive reskin of the Zibo Tablet, bringing a familar UI layout with the legibility of our design language. Over time, we will introduce new features that will deliver a more intuitive experience to your flights.


The Sound of Music


Welcome to an elevated sound environment - from the deepest rumble of the CFM56 engines, to the background whir of the avionics - the 737NG Series is bound to delight your hearing senses. Partnering with Laminar Research & FlyJSim developer Daniela Rodriguez Careri - the 737NG comes fully equipped with a brand new audio package that'll have you fully zoned into the Flightdeck and Cabin.






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