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ILS tuning bug KJFK


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So I flew into JFK today for the vatsim event tonight and discovered something very interesting. So the frequency for both ILS 22L and 04L are the exact same. we were being routed into 22L tonight. Tuned in correctly in FMC showing 110.90/IIWY and had correct course tuned 224. however my PFD was showing correct frequency but it was showing IHIQ (identifier for 04L) and Course 224 was orange and crossed out. i confirmed that ils frequency was tuned into both nav radios but it seems that the aircraft was trying to capture GS for 04L instead of 22L and i never got vertical magenta but i did get localizer locked. would not have been an issue except for the fact that it was a busy night and it was ILS CAT II conditions (ceiling was 300ft). i did do a go around and both approaches had same problem and my GS never showed up. when i switch the volume on for the NAV the morse code is for 04L instead of 22L. very weird behavior. my buddy in a 737 in P3D had no issues at all doing same approach, no go arounds and we confirmed both our aircrafts were setup the same for approach when he switches his nav radio on he gets the morse code for 22L. both running latest AIRAC cycle from navigraph. other than this hiccup it was a perfect flight and i love this plane. thank you!

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