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Todo list : Update Avitab to 0.4.8


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What's New in Version 0.4.8

Released 1 hour ago

Changes from 0.4.6:

  • You can now display custom POIs, VRPs and markers in the map app. The file format is compatible to Little NavMap and Plan-G. You can read more about the file format in AviTab's Wiki: https://github.com/fpw/avitab/wiki/Map-POIs
  • local charts from the charts/ folder now appear in the Airport app chart list! Just organize them by ICAO folders, e.g. create a folder charts/EDHL with all your EDHL charts and they'll appear next to your online charts under the "Other" category. This also finally allows you to open multiple local charts at once.
  • OpenTopoMap hosts are now rotated, this should balance the load on their servers better, resulting in quicker map tile downloads.
  • show individual runway elevation in Airport app
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