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Good evening to all.
Adjusting the Stream Deck (Elgato) buttons for the Zibo737 especially in the landing lights, taxing lights, Cruise Lights etc, the options shown in the image below proved to be very useful, especially those of the Cockpit Lights-Make Brighters (Shift + B ) and Cockpit Light-Make dimmer (Alt + C). In fact, the dimmer can be used as a dimmer switch. The first adjusts simultaneously (with one movement) all seven (7) adjustment switches of the panel lights. Another noteworthy thing is that by activating the Ext Lights-Takeoff / Landings the Taxi Lights (o) are deactivated and the Logo Lights are activated at the same time and Anticollision and vice versa. There is also the option for cruise lights (Alt + E). For those friends-members of the site who have not used them or have not found them until now. Note that the above does not work for LevelUP and will be great and very important to include in its next upgrade.

Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή για τη φωτογραφία.

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