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Autothrottle Overcorrection?


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Hey all. I don't really know where else to go since I haven't seen this as a problem/issue elsewhere. Whenever I'm coming in on an approach in the -700 (I don't know if the issue is present on the other models, but I'd guess so?), the autothrottle seems to yo-yo like crazy. It keeps jumping from idle to 70% to idle to 70%. It doesn't seem capable of holding engine power to actually maintain approach speeds. If trying to autoland, this basically guarantees you're going to drop hard on the runway. And even on a manual approach, the plane can't maintain an RNAV glideslope, yo-yoing up and down as it goes on the same principal as the engines overcorrecting themselves.

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u know what? if u dont insert winds on descent forecast page it will always happen. BUT, on level up it doesn't work. If u insert or not doesnt make any difference, only on level up, a/t will goes between idle/arm and fmc speed, idle and 70% n1.... on approach, this is another bug i also have, it can't maitain on vnav path, always losing speed and below vnav path and then it accelerates and gets so much speed, goes above vnav path, it gets crazy, like a  seesaw

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