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About This Club

InDepthSimulations is creating high quality freeware aircraft for X-Plane 11
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Some of the latest images from our discord server Link: https://discord.gg/h7UuZsU
  3. Systems Update PFD Here you can see the latest work done on the primary flight display for the Airbus A220, this is work in progress and does not represent the final product. update-pfd-09-20.mp4
  4. Hello there! Can you send me the discord link?
  5. Texture Preview The PFD shown textured in one of the shots is only a placeholder texture and does not represent the final PFD product, as well as the cockpit textures not beeing final and is subject to change at any time.
  6. Looking absolutely fantastic. Looks close to release? My question is will it have fully custom sounds?
  7. A showcase for the start of the lower pedestal made by our amazing 3d artist Brady Margeson.
  8. to clarify we are focusing on the A220's body atm, that includes: the tail, horizontal stabilizers and wings. after that we will start working on the interior. so short answer yes like roban already said.
  9. the A220 is developing at a nice pace, the tail is done and the horizontal stabilizers are taking shape.
  10. Hello Konrad Yes, the plan is to make a working fmc aswell as a 3d cockpit, we will share more info on the development thread. Thanks for your Question Kind Regards Robban
  11. will have a 3d cockpit and fmc
  12. The vertical stabilizers are starting to be modelled by @AMX David
  13. the A220 is taking shape and becoming a real aircraft(duh) the tail is a WIP so that's why it is not included for now enjoy this picture of the A220(the nose is matched up with the fuselage but you can't see that because of the angle of the picture)
  14. In this topic you can ask any questions you want about our A220 that is currently in development, this thread will be answered by moderators and developers of our a220
  15. We are proud to present to you the AMX A220 Development Topic. Here the development team will post pictures and status updates for our upcoming Airbus A220-300

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