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  1. hi, i can’t change my forum display name. anyone help?
  2. Version 0.3


    Ultra Cockpit mod provides new fresh realistic textures for the Laminar Boeing 747-400 for X-Plane 11. Check out my video to see this mod in action. Please subscribe for updates: Discord: https://discord.gg/W4Uym2S Go Ahead Discord (mSparks community): https://discord.com/invite/cStTXy5 (Join both servers) Originally, these textures were only included in the mSparks 747. However, I opened them up to everyone in case people want to attach this to the default 747 or another mod (example: Notchmaster) Features Include: -PFD colors -PFD annunciat
  3. where is the "starter pack"? i remember there being something like that in the past but now its gone
  4. hey guys ive been playing around with sam jetways, and is there a way to make the size of the bridge higher? what i refer to bridge is the object before the actual jetway. is there a way to make it higher, like 4 meters? i think they’re too low. thanks. also is there a way to convert autogate to sam jetways? i really like mister x jetways
  5. how do i make it look as it does in the picture? it still looks like x-plane when i use it
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