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  1. @Marten@Stairport not the Z, the Y. Haven't touched the Z... Just compare the 737-800x /737800x-4K values with the default 737 values. The Y value is positive in the default and quite far negative in the Zibo file. That is why it won't connect in most places. When doing a force connect at that value the jetbridge is actually at the bottom part of the fuselage. Moving the Y value to about (+)0.0500000 fixes this.
  2. @Marten@Stairport the xml file for the Zibo 737 is still incorrect, the y value is way too low, making many SAM jetways incompatible (out of range). It's an easy fix in the file but most people don't know so get problems. Something you could perhaps fix in the next release? y value should be just above 0 on the Zibo.
  3. Had this problem too. Easy fix. The aircraft xml for the 737-800x (zibo) is wrong. The Y- value is completely off. This makes AM rhink the door is way lower than it actually is, and consequently the jetway cannot reach. Replace the Y value in this file with the one in the regular 737-800 and all is fixed. @Marten@Stairport perhaps something you can address in an update? Zibo actually attaches a corrected xml file in the update packages now. IM
  4. On the Toliss A321 SAM sometimes attaches to door L2. (for example, when at a double jetbridge stand) Which is not very realistic, as that is not normally a boarding door, and in many NEO configurations the door isn't actually there. According to the Toliss dev the door is also not defined in the acf file so maybe it's something that has to be solved in SAM
  5. Sorry, already restarted Xplane since.. not yet able to reproduce the CTD... will try again and then send sam.log By the way, are you aware that updating SAM through the SAM suite deletes the Autogate 1.72 plugin? (physically deletes the folder from Xplane/recources/plugins)? Quite annoying...
  6. Hi Marten, Thank you for your reply and advise. Deleting apt.cache did indeed fix the issue at LMML but not at EPWA. In fact choosing multiple parking positions to find one that works caused a CTD. (X-plane log.txt included) . Might have been just to many lookups in succession, or something worth checking, I don't know.. PS this was before updating to 2.1.5 Thanks for the support! Log.txt
  7. Just bought Follow me. Really likeable plugin but I found some issues. See corresponding images. I' ve indicated the scenery where it happened One airport I testen (LMML, Justsim) is not recognized at all. At some airports stands are deemed ' unreachable' even when on taxiway next to the stand, or on the chosen stand itself. (EPWA DD Design, LGRP FSDG) In one case when turning of the runway the follow me drove through me in the opposite direction onto the runway. A then called another one, for an adjacent stand. The first one also caught up and then there were 2... (LGAV, FlyTampa) In general there is a bias to the right. see picture in LGKO (Gaya), but also for example in EDDM (SFD) where the SAM VDGS is spot-on centerline but the marshaller has this same deviation about a meter to the right. It almost like it wants to put the captain seat on centerline instead of the nosewheel.. Not a bug but an improvement could be to have the marshaller drive of instead of just disappearing when engines off/ beacon off. Hope this feedback is useful! rgds, Itamar
    Stunning scenery that many payware developers could study to learn a thing or 2! Great that this airport is offered for free is such detail. One small thing you may look at in the future: The Ortho4XP patch provided does not seem to cover the easternmost runway, and when creating a patched tile all is good except the terrain/taxiways around the easternmost runway. No big deal as the included tile works just fine!
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