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  1. Nice progress Magnus and team. Could you say if cloud self shadowing will stay in 1.14? You showed a preview of it a while back but was that just a test of the tech? I know things have been redone so it might not be in the build featured in subsequent screenshots. It adds an extra layer of depth to things and would be a welcomed addition to the final 1.14 build.
  2. I may have a solution for the unrealistic glow during sunrise/sunset. However, it requires a change to one of the shader files. In the file new_scattering.glsl search for "float atmo_rat" (line 138 in my file), then change the value from: float atmo_rat = clamp(cam_height / ATMO_H, 0.0,1.0); to float atmo_rat = clamp(cam_height / ATMO_H, 0.0,0.0);
  3. Hey @Captain Kitten, Kinda wanted to hold off from asking this since Andrey must be deep in development, but I thought why not. One thing I remember you mentioning on a live stream was the test build you had didn't render haze/fog correctly from above. IE you won't notice low visibility conditions until you get further down to ground level, pretty much how it is in vanilla XP above a cloud layer. While X-Visibility does a somewhat decent job at trying to render this with the default weather engine it is nowhere near perfect and has its limitations. My question, has xE made any strides with
  4. @oxxy Yes. No issues from what I can see.
  5. @GP2_Engine I don't think there's a dataref to change the colour of it. Maybe it's something we could ask Laminar for in a bug report.
  6. @Coop1019 Noted. The code isn't terribly complex so it should be easy to convert using C or C++. Looking forward to the tutorials!
  7. I think starting off with the basics is a good start. For example, I've done a lot of work with LUA but I have no idea where to start to make an .xpl plugin from the LUA code.
  8. If you find the haze too thick at higher altitudes, at line 34 you could try something like "local fog_Ratio = (vis_graphical/visibility_reported_m)*0.25". That'll make the total haze generated be 1/4 the normal value. No longer needed in v1.0.1. Just change the value of HighAltFogMult to something lower than 1.
  9. Version 1.0.3


    Donation: If you would like to support me, you can always get me a coffee. https://www.paypal.me/JordanAChin For XP 11.25+ This script provides dynamic haze/fog control based on reported visibility, providing smooth visibility transitions throughout all phases of flight. This means no "infinite" visibility the higher you get, no abrupt visibility changes and a realistic looking atmosphere based on reported visibility for the area. Features: * Smooth visibility transitions during all phases of flight * No white out/grey out/blue out when passing through clouds or
  10. I started with FS3.1 and have been with the FS community since. I've been mostly painting, developing small things like AFCADS, sceneries, and plugins. I had X-Plane since v9 but kept uninstalling it due to my laziness in trying to learn the old interface. I started taking it seriously when the IXEG 737 got released for v10. Been hooked since. Made a few plugins and helped fixed some other plugins and more recently finished another script to fix the infinite haze issue XP has been long plague with. It's called X-Visibility and it's available here and on the org.
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