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    This is a freeware scenery of Evenes (ENEV) made by me (Kristian) I have taken my time to create this Evenes scenery. I hope this is something you will find usefull. This pack includes two folders. (Evenes XP Flattened and Evenes XP Sloped) The Evenes XP Flattened, flattens the whole airport. This is made due to the Evenes flystasjon terminal is very uneven in the sloped version, so if you prefer better visual results this is strongly recommended. The Evenes XP Sloped makes the airport follow the terrain mesh. If you use Ortho4XP i strongly recommend you set the "apt_smoot
  2. I have tried With both X-Plane 11.50 stable and the latest 11.51 r1 and can confirm that the clouds is not showing up, but according to previous posts in this thread it obviously Works somehow. Any more Clues?
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