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  1. Finished the road panels modelling. This will be pretty useful as they are spread all over the airport!
  2. Finished with the control tower! A few adustments might come later. Now I need to texture this. Another good news is that another person might join the team!
  3. Finished with the stairs themselves. Now need to do the stair fences... but happy with the progress
  4. OK after an intense development live I have finished the fences on all sides. I have started to do the stairs and next time I will be finishing them.
  5. This project is for sure promising! This aircraft appears in my list but I saw the latest previews just now. Sadly I am not part of the writing team but I will report it to them. Thanks!
  6. Not much progress today, added part of the fence on the balcony and next time I will finish it.
  7. Could you also give us the Zool Level accuracy?
  8. More progress on the control tower, finished the roof, adjusted the walls so they link together correctly, changed the "balcony" to match reality, started the fence around the balcony and added the antennas/rods. Next step is to finish that fence and after do the steps. Hope you like it!
  9. Yeah, learning curve is steep! But I will have fun.
  10. I have to agree this is pretty subjective but Flight Factor tends to keep their projects secret until they actually are about to be released because of what happened with the A320. I think like that and the people I talked to also thought like that, you are free to think differently though.
  11. Here is the progress on the control tower. Thanks to Draco and Braddie for helping me!
  12. Hey Guys! I am working on a new airport: Megeve Altiport (LFHM). This airport is located in the French Alps in the Haute-Savoie region (74). This is a great small little airport that is not far from Courchevel and Geneva Airport. This is going to be a freeware! NO ETA available at the moment and I am still not sure whether it will require any libraries. All the progress will be posted in this thread and if you have any questions, please ask me! Fly Safe!
  13. YesAviation is making a mod for the default 747-400. Similar to the "ZIBO" mod. Some rumors say PMDG might bring their 747-400 to X-Plane.
  14. Dear Dervakon, This update has been confirmed but we have no "official" statments that can give me some information on the ETA, therefore I have to estimate it myself. I took in account the fact that a small test update was released recently and lots of other factors. I hope this answers your question.
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