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  1. We have just reached 10000 views on this post! I wanted to thanks all of you for the super support and give special attention to @Captain Kitten , @Ðŗąçø and to @Xephyr for all their help. I hope to continue like that and wish you all a great holiday!
  2. Hi could you just fill up every criteria so that I can update the list?
  3. Texturing today! I have finished the modelling of the two hangars not going to go too much in depth in on those in the 3D model for this project. My next project will be much much more accurate. You'll see! I have done this texture here, not finished of course!
  4. I added a whole new complex on the right side and behind the hangar. Next, I am going to add the hangar doors.
  5. Hey there is this beautiful BBJ livery I see quite often that has different liveries on each sides of the plane, here are a few pictures:
  6. Only a little bit of progress on the hangar, been quite busy.
  7. So, as you might have noticed I made a few visual changes to the list. The category index is also provided. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Finished the road panels modelling. This will be pretty useful as they are spread all over the airport!
  9. Finished with the control tower! A few adustments might come later. Now I need to texture this. Another good news is that another person might join the team!
  10. Finished with the stairs themselves. Now need to do the stair fences... but happy with the progress
  11. OK after an intense development live I have finished the fences on all sides. I have started to do the stairs and next time I will be finishing them.
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