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  1. I stopped reading at the lack of free beer. For 70 bucks I EXPECT free beer all along the lifetime of the product!
  2. Wow, the grain looks SO reduced! It looks very nice.
  3. I had that problem the first day. I think I cleared the shadercache folder and then the problem was gone, but I can't recall because for xE1.10 I had to touch SO MANY things...
  4. YOu don't need to touch anything. the program will take care of it for you.
  5. And what is the bug? I can't see anything in your picture
  6. As someone already said, it's not in xE, it's the screen resolution you use in the sim.
  7. Same performance issues here as OP. My GPU takes 3-4 times longer to draw a frame than my CPU. The 1070 is NOT capable of doing the work correctly (as much as Magnus says it is) unless you start removing all the eye candy. I went from 30 to 15-17 fps in EHAM. I only manage to have 18-22 by disabling all simheaven sceneries and reduce the graphic settings to simple HDR and textures to medium. A too big burden to have beautiful sunsets. Let's see in the future, when they tweak the performance a bit. So far, not flyable for me in the A319. Ryzen 1700@3.85Ghz, 32GB@3200 RAM and GTX 1070 so overclocked it will probably melt one day...
  8. That light looks very good. Props to the maker(s)!
  9. With this you mean the low angled shadows are not dented? If so, it did nothing in mine, but I need to see if in my full script something else is interfering. In 11.30 it's strange. Sometimes you get really nice shadows in the cockpit, sometimes you get dented ones.
  10. I keep using 107 as 109 doesn't allow me to zoom in. Thanks for that link, those clouds look nice. I might give them a try on my test x-plane and see how they look for real.
  11. Yes, they dissapear depending on the point of view of the camera. BTW I updated my LUA to the NG Edition...and shadows didn't changed.This pic is supposed to be 6K shadows...
  12. Not really sure at this point. I will reinstall LUA to be sure, but I t was working flawlessly in 11.26 so far!
  13. Has anyone tried this in 11.30? It seems that my LUA script decided not to work anymore on 11.30RC1.
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