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I have today purchase and Install the Enhanced Cloudscapes, The Cloud looks amazing and the sky colors to. But unfortunately i have tested with low visibility custom xplane metar and with Active Sky, with no luck. I can't see fog or low visibility at all. Is there someone else with the same problem? Thanks for any answer.

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9 hours ago, raysot said:

I think maybe the fix introduced too much haze/fog. At altitude on a clear day it looks like haze x 1000 with no discernable horizon.

Maybe dial it back a bit?

Not too much haze here, looks spot on just a little more atmospheric haze in the higher flight levels would be the best 👍



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I was flying around the FDW area yesterday at high noon, weather was clear, and at about 2000 feet with so much haze/fog, it looked like I was flying through a forest fire. Could barely see anything. 

As the sun started to set, the western portion of the scene was totally fogged in with weather set to clear.

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I'm running Enhanced+Skyscapes_2021.10.29 and I observed no fog at EDLP when it should have been 5000m (typical at this time of year).

When I disabled Enhanced Skyscapes, the fog re-appeared.

I used ASXP, FSGRW, and XP11 real weather; no shaders or other environmental LUAs.




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